This is how it all started.. 

Sorrow & delight, like faces of life

Like we talk, walk and grow…

We dreamed and we achieved

But there are infinite miles to go

If Yesterday was sorrow, tomorrow is hope,

If today is plight, our true heart can surely cope…

There had been enough cries, let’s not still go

Past is all frozen now, so need not to squabble with snow..

Can someone play a tune that can sing deep within all heart?

Can we all step together for a better world, for a new start?

Hand in hand and with heads above all high          

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Little secrets for a Healthy Relationship..

#loveblogtrain Wow, Fabulous February is here and like every year I have certain reasons to cherish this month. Not only I got married this month but also bears the date when we both recognized our love for each other ( and to tell you that wasn’t the Valentines Day) and nor we proposed each other […]

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I wish to rekindle our memories with you ..again and again

We had our child’s vaccination yesterday. After we came back from the clinic, my husband reminded me that it’s a Rose day today (I had forgot ).. I instantly examined his hands to check why he didn’t brought one for me (he too had forgotten ).. Well that was the pretty start of the annual […]

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Why Do Men Hurt Women: Over And Over Again

I won’t use any fictional characters ( just changed the names) to share my thoughts because in and around me, there are so many cases where a Woman has felt disheartened, hurt and left-alone. In this beautiful world where there is soo much need of love and happiness, why we fail to love those who […]

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You are Parents, how can you Romance??

After marriage, Bachelor life is finished.. After Children, Romance life is finished. Before you read it further, just close your eyes and recall your own childhood memories and you will understand what I want to further convey.. How many of you have really witnessed romantic angle of your parents ? Well I envy those who […]

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Excerpts From A Dad’s Diary

I was editing the presentation my boss had to deliver tomorrow to the board. It was more of cleaning the shit he had drafted and making his pants look neater. I was feeling strangled and choked of his pungent and rotten mess. I could really smell it, as if his voluptuous assets were in the […]

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My first Cappuccino

I looked at my watch and realized I was already late. Finally I was able to decide what to wear. Carefully I took out a sleeveless red jumper from the shelf and wore it beneath Mom’s black cardigan that she no longer wears. I matched my grey colored trouser with the black block heels to appear […]

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