How many of us have fear in our married life, we may find this question amusing but have we ever checked it?? Ambika married into a highly cultured well do family and her match was an Ivy league graduated who was earning more than 3 lacs in a month. She thoroughly began to enjoy her […]

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Expectations or Dictations

Like any bride, Sudha was too excited to begin her married life; it was happily arranged wedding and the best thing her in-laws had no objection about her job albeit they were extremely happy with it. Yes few new things came as surprise to her; but then it was expected from her to accept her […]

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DECLARE: If you love someone…

Love demands understanding, adjustments, sacrifices, patience, and everything that you can happily do for just one single person in your life; yes one special person. And if you have ever met that person in your lifetime for whom you can just do anything and everything without having any second thought ; can you ever let […]

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Childhood Friend

We both had studied together and were amongst the best buddies in the class, we used to hang out together and enjoy our classes like any usual gang in the class would do but that time was purely isolated from any kind of flirt, romance or fling. Then we were just 13 or 14 years […]

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Bold is Beautiful (Love and relationships)

We always say bold is beautiful, but have we ever really thought what being a bold is? Is it about wearing progressive clothes, disagreeing to other’s opinion or breaking the norms. I have met one such person at the time when I was also lost with my cliched definition of being bold and the attached […]

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AMBITION (Love and Relationships)

Sudheer walked out her life for the simplest reason that she left him alone to pursue the higher studies. “You left me all by myself at the time I needed you most” this is what he said to blame her but he forgot that it was actually Naina who had to face dejection and complete […]

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Sorry but YOU ARE BRAVE. .

That night behold no relevance had that horrific morning would have not occurred. Prior to that was a busy weekend full of shopping, meetings, gossips and planning for my marriage. I was on the cloud nine and dreams in my heart. 6 years and I prayed nothing but to become part of my love’s life.I […]

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Flowers or Hugs- You decide 

You are such a loving person, you never forget your marriage anniversary. And what a yum lush cake that you just ordered with those fresh flowers for your lucky spouse.. She will be so delighted to see your preparations.  Sorry but just a personal question, do you also remember the last time you hugged her […]

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This is how it all started.. 

Sorrow & delight, like faces of life

Like we talk, walk and grow…

We dreamed and we achieved

But there are infinite miles to go

If Yesterday was sorrow, tomorrow is hope,

If today is plight, our true heart can surely cope…

There had been enough cries, let’s not still go

Past is all frozen now, so need not to squabble with snow..

Can someone play a tune that can sing deep within all heart?

Can we all step together for a better world, for a new start?

Hand in hand and with heads above all high          

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Little secrets for a Healthy Relationship..

#loveblogtrain Wow, Fabulous February is here and like every year I have certain reasons to cherish this month. Not only I got married this month but also bears the date when we both recognized our love for each other ( and to tell you that wasn’t the Valentines Day) and nor we proposed each other […]

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