Sorry but YOU ARE BRAVE. .

That night behold no relevance had that horrific morning would have not occurred. Prior to that was a busy weekend full of shopping, meetings, gossips and planning for my marriage. I was on the cloud nine and dreams in my heart. 6 years and I prayed nothing but to become part of my love’s life.I […]

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Flowers or Hugs- You decide 

You are such a loving person, you never forget your marriage anniversary. And what a yum lush cake that you just ordered with those fresh flowers for your lucky spouse.. She will be so delighted to see your preparations.  Sorry but just a personal question, do you also remember the last time you hugged her […]

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This is how it all started.. 

Sorrow & delight, like faces of life

Like we talk, walk and grow…

We dreamed and we achieved

But there are infinite miles to go

If Yesterday was sorrow, tomorrow is hope,

If today is plight, our true heart can surely cope…

There had been enough cries, let’s not still go

Past is all frozen now, so need not to squabble with snow..

Can someone play a tune that can sing deep within all heart?

Can we all step together for a better world, for a new start?

Hand in hand and with heads above all high          

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Little secrets for a Healthy Relationship..

#loveblogtrain Wow, Fabulous February is here and like every year I have certain reasons to cherish this month. Not only I got married this month but also bears the date when we both recognized our love for each other ( and to tell you that wasn’t the Valentines Day) and nor we proposed each other […]

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Please don’t start again on karwa chauth

A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuses to give up on each other. I know my partner for 12 years now. The day we first met, I knew I was in love and few months later I decided to keep Karva Chauth fast for him. I was too naive about the religious […]

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Daddys Blue, Dear Father, do you feel left out?? 

Few years back we were watching a movie together where the new daddy was going crazy everytime the little baby woke up.  Why is she crying??  Mommy : She is hungry.. You don’t know anything.  After 15 mins,   I know why is she crying. She is hungry.  Mommy: No, she is feeling hot. You […]

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When you have a fight with your partner..and He Just Doesn’t Understand

When everybody is asleep, Shikha quietly come out of the room and sit on the sofa in the living room. She keeps staring the empty chalice placed on the dining table and begins to weave endless thoughts about its similarity with her life. As she looks upon the wall clock, it is already half past […]

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What I love most about Sundays.. 

That was such a pleasant weather today and my little girl couldn’t resist herself playing around in the garden in her new shoes before we headed towards the ISKCON temple today located in Gurgaon. Since past weeks we had made this as a custom to visit a temple in the morning and spend some peaceful […]

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How Mom inspired me, Mothers Day thoughts… 

My Mom is a homemaker, she is not too smart or extremely talented. Her hobbies are limited and nor she is highly educated. She married my father at a very tender age and being a mother of 3 children, I mostly watched her taking care of us; cooking food, washing, cleaning and in her free […]

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