Hidden Gems in Gurgaon: List of must visit temples

Six years in this city, and there are still many corners that most of us aren’t aware about. Okay we know enough about bustling bars, cafes or mushroomed malls but what some spiritual places that give you peace and calm at times when you need it most?

Here I will walk you through few of the temples that I discovered recently and I definitely suggest you to visit during Sundays, like a fresh start in the morning 


The greenery and peace here is breathtaking. It’s remotely located and not very popular however It’s a heaven for nature lovers among the high-rise buildings and shopping malls. You can easily spot birds like peacock, parrot, hornbill, woodpecker, duck, etc.
There are giant temples of all the Vishnu Avataars and also of Lord Shiva and is a must visit if you are looking for wintery morning sunshine or some peaceful place for the meditation.

  1. Kholi Wale Baba ka Mandir: You can access this place either through the back gate of Suncity or Gurgaon Faridabad road. It’s an ideal place for morning worship and experience a majestic view of Gurgaon high-rises. As you go downstairs, there is a Durga Maa temple and small caves where great Sadhus did the meditation during the old times. There are rocks, and nearly driee stream but the center of attraction is a ‘Gau shala’ where you can bring your kids, do some donation or feed them directly.
  1. Baba Neem Karoli Hanuman Mandir: Technically this temple is located on the outskirts of Gurgaon (Mehrauli) but you can easily connect here through Gurgaon-Faridabad road. One thing that instantly connect you is positive. Your inner soul feels peace and trust me you need to give atleast 1 hour to this place. It’s beautifully built and you will feel as if you aren’t in NCR but to some quaint mountainside. It’s very peaceful, serene and has a big ‘Gaushala’ where you can donate Cow’s fodder, even there is a school where you can visit and donate for the noble cause.
  1. Sai Ka Angan: All you want to do here is to spend more and more time, it’s very peaceful and hidden gem in the middle of the city chaos.
  1. Sheetla Mata Mandir: The shrine is very famous and is visited by large number of people during Navaratras and other festivals. It’s very auspicious especially for the small children and many parents visit this temple for the ‘mundan ceremony’ of their kids. We have been there for the same reason and had a splendid experience. Just be ready for the long queues on the public holidays.

Let me know if you liked this information or if you have been to any of the temples.


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