Kilbury- pleasurable birding route in Nainital

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So while I was in Nainital this summer, and enjoying every bit of my treks; one day my hubby suggested me this place Kilbury that he had visited during his childhood. Honestly I had never heard about this place before but the idea of a long trek hit me up. SO we agree to leave early next day and make most of our day.

Kilbury is famous as birding route in Nainital, Uttarakhand. Developed as a splendid picnic spot in Nainital, Kilbury is definetly a bird watcher’s paradise. Visitors finds a wide range of species of birds in their natural habitats with closeness. It is also the home of Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Reserve famous for number of birds species. It’s nearly 12 kms away from our place so we had assumed that atleast 2 hours are what we were going to need to reach the place.


We left our house sharp at 9:30 am, we both were geared in our sports shoes, to save our time we took the rickshaw ride that runs between Tallital and Mallital ( the two towns of Nainital city) which actually saved our time and also a bit of energy. We crossed the Bada Bazaar and made our way towards the steep Highcourt lane. It’s a sharp hit and suddenly you feel you can’t walk more. Also it’s mostly a motorable road and the constant honks from behind make you feel to hire a cab and directly reach the destination. But probably having him with me helped me in steering away any such thoughts and we continued to walk higher and higher.

Soon we had reached a diversion so we better enquired with a shopkeeper about which turn to take. He atleast told us thrice to hire a taxi, I mean he felt we too were both crazy to walk like this in a day broadlight. Probably we didn’t appear like regular trekkers to him, anyways that was the day test of our adrenaline rush and some real pahadi genes!

We continued walking upwards, made some steep shortcuts that actually vacated out all of our energies but the gorgeous views guys; that’s all what you need to keep moving.

There were some detours, pleasant ones so there are numerous lanes that connected us back to the main road and trust me it all felt so good. Amidst all that my hubby suggested me to climb up a patch that reduced our walking trail by some 500 meters; I was tricked. When I climbed halfway I realized there was no support to hold my body and when I looked down; there was no way I could make it back. I was stuck in between and some village kids saw me and started laughing. I soon realized my mistake, I was a fool to climb like this; I murmured by kid’s name and made my chance. Thankfully I was saved but then I decided not to repeat my foolish mistake once again, we agreed not to attempt any further shortcuts and kept walking.

We crossed Naina peak point, Himalaya Darshan point and every single tourist point until we realized that it were just two of us on the road with no human possibility except the occasional cars on the road. Thank God that I had bought 2 snickers and a water bottle with me and also we had savored hot Maggie plate 1 km back or else there was no sign of any restaurant or makeover shack on the road, no corn seller or tea vendor; nothing.

We kept on walking, walking and walking; there were banners about bird’s conservation and yet no sign of any possible hault.

After an hour we gave up the idea of reaching Kilbury and decided to way our back home. But we had already come quite far away and honestly I had no strength left to walk all the way down. I suggested hubby to walk till Pangot that was like 2 or 3 kms more and take a cab from there, but suddenly a sign board flashed our sight. Kilbury was 800 meters away, off –route and I couldn’t be happier.

We happily scaled up the rest of the distance but to our utter disappointment; the tourist rest house was all closed; there was no one around. And that made real angry, because we had run out of water. What to do, we thought back but we had no option. I insisted hubby to click few pictures and headed back to our home.

But I must say that place was beautiful, very peaceful and serene; had we been in the company of few friends or had some clear weather, we would have stayed there longer. But we had to return back home also, our kids were waiting. Also we had run out of water and had no food option because trekking means energy and food!

So though we both were tired but we kept on walking.

There was no shared taxi or no buses on that route. But I wanted to take my chance; I signaled few cars for the lift. Ofcourse we saw the passengers first, you need to be more careful but otherwise main roads on the hills like that are quite safe. After half an hour or so, a local native gave us lift and within minutes we felt our energy levels were back. I was also amazed about how much we had walked that day as we were returning back in the car watching the trail that we had made.

It was an amazing experience, moments later It started raining badly. The car owner dropped us 4-5 kms before our home and we walked back most of the distance while saving ourself from the heavy showers.

Clearly it was a memorable experience, if you ask me if I would want to trek Kilbury again; my answer would be ofcourse yes. But with few more snickers and a hot cuppa of Maggie J

And I better would call the tourist rest house guys in advance to keep a hot cup of tea ready!


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