A walking retreat in Nainital

Nainital is my In-law’s home and I usually visit this place every summer but this time, it turned out into a very special trip. This was the first time when I explored this place with full heart, like a trekker and measured its beauty in all the directions and turned my stay into a walking haven.

So those who still don’t know, Nainital is approximate 6-7 hours by car from NCR and situated at a height of 2,084 m (6,837 ft) above sea level. It’s one of the popular hill stations in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and also the judicial capital of the state; nevertheless it remains populated with tourists throughout the year. Having a nest of own is a privilege here so we can stay here as long as we want to do and enjoy scenic beauty right through our home’s windows itself. There is a buzzing market downstairs and showcases a real-chaotic yet calm lifestyle of hilly people. There are multiple shops around our house, an open attic in front of the house where our kids can sit and soak themselves in the mornings and enjoy a cool breeze in the evenings and can completely relax, forgetting everything about an urban life.

Yet at the same there are daily chores to do that and I must tell you staying on the hills aren’t easy nor does it anyways feel privileged!

So this time I resumed morning walk by waking up a little early and sneaking out either alone or with my nephew or niece or Sister-in-law or my Father-in-law at times. My kids would sleep and hence I hadn’t carry them along with me. Thandi Sadak being one of the best walking trail in Nanital remained my best route and it also connects bus stand to the famous Naina Devi temple and then intersects again at the Mall road; thus making a complete oval round of around 3 kms. It’s a good trek on its own and not too steep. The morning views are always appealing and less crowded. And people around you are all fitness enthusiasts. I also moved from walking to running, first covering the smaller distance and slowly maximizing my potential. In between I would also do some stretch and exercises like squats or lunges or anything that would suit my mood.

To tell you people in the hills are very welcoming and friendly and they appreciate if you take care of your health!

Naina peak ( or formerly known as China Peak): Naina Peak is highest hill top and one of the the famous tourist spots in Nainital and due to its high altitude and lush green forest path, it’s a famous place for trekking and also offers the splendid Bird’s eye view of the Nainital. Though it’s 6 km from Mallital but since we had a car, it saved our distance further and we trekked the remaining 3km that’s however very steep, slippery and mostly a graveled path. When I finally reached the top without any huff or puff; that moment felt like a sense of achievement to me. ‘It’s true to see the best, you have to give your best’!

Nainital Zoo: Our next stop was the famous Nanital Zoo based on another hill top of Nainital and it’s accessible through cab or private taxi. However we decided to trek till there and though it appears quite far from our home , but surprisingly it only took us 20 minutes to reach the zoo. But the next shock came to us the very next minute, as zoo stays closed on Thursday. So we took a detour and decided to explore nearby area until we reached a famous ancient temple located on the backside of the Zoo. The surroundings were very peaceful with no sign of any other human. I was with my nephew and niece and they were pretty happy to enjoy the scenic beauty in silence. We stayed there for another 10-15 minutes and then retired back to our home. It began raining the next moment like some uninvited guests. It’s very difficult to predict in the hills so it’s always better to carry an umbrella all the time.

Governor house, All Saint’s Girl College, Sherwood College till Ayar Jungle Camp and back to Mall Road: My husband has finished his schooling from St. Joseph’s (one of the most prestigious school of the city) which is located just adjacent to the famous Governor house. It took us 15-20 minutes to reach the location and as went further down the road, we felt like walking more and more. The weather was perfect with beautiful surroundings and that was only post 1-2 hours that we realized how far we had come that day.

We had covered a major patch (atleast 6 kms) and saw all the famous schools and resorts in between and finally we descended back to the mall road through shortcuts and bylanes. Well it’s not so easy to get lost in a small town! It’s pretty safe plus the locals are extremely welcoming and helpful.

Hanuman Garhi: Built in 1950, this hillside Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman offers stunning sunrise & sunset views. It’s our ritual to visit this place atleast once and it’s approximately 3.5 kms away from the bus stand. It took us another 20-25 mins to cover the distance and had a majestic time. And not only will you feel spirituality connected to this place but there are beautiful green landscapes that all together give this place a heavenly look.

Snow-view point: Every hill station has atleast a ropeway or cable car through which you can enjoy the scenic views of that place. In Nanital, snow-view point is such place so it’s again accessible both through motor or ropeway. But we didn’t wanted to opt for any of the said options and put on our shoes to scale this place by foot. It’s again some 3.5 kms away from the bus stand but honestly the trek is really slopy! Thankfully the surroundings and our conversations kept us distracted and we had a pleasurable time trekking up till there.

Out of all the locations and routes that we covered, I saw very few tourists that were interested in walking except the ones on the mall roads. Sadly the no of vehicles is sharply increasing day by day!

Thankfully, I enjoyed my trails and that let my daily average of walking/trekking in Nainital this year to touch upto 6 kms, yes!!

There is one more trail that I want to share with you friends,the longest one. But for that you need to wait for my next blog, and there is a funny yet scary incident that I’m so excited to share with you all.

Well stay tuned to read my next blog on this.


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7 thoughts on “A walking retreat in Nainital

  1. Although I have visited Nainital a few times and seen quite much there but honestly didn’t hear about Thandi Sadak. I would live to experience this the next time.


  2. Your post resonated with me so much, Arti. Mainly because I love to walk and trek in all the new places I visit to get the real vibes of the place.
    I have lived in Shimla for many years so I know your emotions and experiences of living in the hills. True, life isn’t easy but the serenity of the hills and the simple lifestyle more than makes up for the inconveniences. Lucky you, having a home in Nainital that you can return to any time 🙂


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