A weekend getaway with kids to Tijara Fort (Neemrana)

Neemrana properties in and around NCR are getting quite famous for their amazing stayvacations far away from the juggling city crowd, giving a soothing opportunity to relax and unwind yourself. And I had been longing for a weekend getaway from quite a long time but this harsh weather wasn’t letting us to plan any quick vacation because everywhere it was too hot to manage. Last week we randomly made a sudden plan for Tijara Fort and booked our room on Saturday morning itself and headed out in another hour with our two small kids.

Why Tijara Fort?

We opted for Tijara because it’s closer as compared to Neemrana Fort Palace and Neemrana Kesroli; however both of them are equally famous but with smaller kids we didn’t wanted to travel much for just a night stay!

Tijara Fort or ( Neemrana Fort Tijara) is located at around 84 kms from Gurgaon and took us around 2 hours to by car to reach our destination; the entire route was smooth and comfortable with kids. When we reached the parking area, few of the attendants were quick to assist us with the luggage and guide us to the reception area. My first impression- the place was beautiful and neatly maintained with the adequate number of staff to attend.

As we proceeded towards the reception area, they quickly upgraded us to a bigger room as we were travelling with 2 kids under 4 years. They helped us with our luggage, the only drawback is that a little walk is required with the kids but ofcourse it’s a fort, so that’s inevitable.

We reached the property around 4 pm so the lunch buffet was already over by then. As we freshened up, we had a look of the property, there was a little library with old collection of books next to our room and there were stairs in and around, basically everywhere so kids can’t be left un-attended at any point of time. Let me also tell you that like other Neemrana properties, The Tijari fort at Alwar is not a ruin but a building that had been left unfinished in 1845 because of war so there are many patches and gaps that need to be filled.

Quickly we went to the play area as kids wanted to play a little before we savored the evening tea and some mouth-licking snacks being served at the top-view restaurant around 5 pm alongwith beautiful views of the agricultural fields around us; the view was stunning but yes we had to be careful with our kids all the time. Kids were happy because they could eat brownies and hot crispy pakoras and yes their favorite french fries!

Post that we proceeded towards the swimming pool and had a relaxed time, pool’s height was maintained at 4.5′ feet so ofcourse it’s not meant for small kids. It’s better you carry arm bands or else floating pad was available in the water. The arrangement for towels, sitting, sun-bathing, shower is all neatly done.

As we finished with the swimming, we then proceeded towards the open amphitheater where evening cultural show was about to begin at 7 pm. The performances were amazing, some of the people I had watched on the reality shows so watching them in-person was a delight. At the end we also joined them and had a fun- gala before we could proceed for the dinner.

All the meals served in Neemrana are buffet only, but thankfully the menu was quite elaborate. Not commenting on the taste but the food was freshly served and the staff was quick in service. Yes they do have child’s seat so that was an added convenient for us. Around 9 pm, we retired back to our rooms.

Rooms in Neemrana had no TV or any other digital entertainment but the place and ambience around had added so much fun and adventure for my kids that they kept themselves entertained for approx 2 hours before finally they surrendered for a peaceful hill-fort sleep. In the morning, I sneaked out of the room and went to the terrace area, the morning view was hazy yet stunning with lush -greenery around. I could see the gaps on the floor and some of them were very deep and scary. Thank God I didn’t brought my kid alongwith me, there was nobody around. I was scared what I fell down from there, so quickly I came back to my room. So we were back at the restaurant around 8:30 am and ditched the ideal of lazying in the pool as the kids weren’t ready. We had a sumptuous meal and enjoyed the family time with kids.

There was also facilities for spa and exhibitions of all sorts, but with small kids things planning too much can mess up the entire fun. Before moving out I reminded husband to click few of our pictures.

The weather was quite hot and humid in the morning so I won’t say that we enjoyed thoroughly however this getaway with kids wasn’t bad and completely manageable. So if you are also planning for a weekend getaway, this is the time because weather is also getting better.

The main USP about this fort or any other Neemrana properties are stunning field views, calm surroundings, amazing hospitality and courteous staff. Please note that all Neemranas around NCR only offer Buffet services and yes perhaps evening tea with some mouth-licking snacks is also provided at most of the properties ( it was included in the package in Tijara fort).

And what’s more, there was that evening cultural show that surely can’t be missed. You will be amazed to see the performances and observe how rich and talented our people are in terms of the old-rich heritage they carry and bring to us! So If you really ask me, it’s always better to explore the places with our cultural touch so given the opportunity I would always prefer Neemrana in comparison to other luxurious staycation around NCR.

Other Neemranas fort in closer vicinity to NCR

Neemrana Palace, Neemrana: Well this is the first property to come under the Neemrana group of hotels and one of the stunning heritage property in India. This is a 15th century Neemrana fort on the Aravalli range and located at around 90 km from Gurgaon, this is a perfect weekend destination and offers luxury at an affordable price. With grandeur and reviews, this is the best property of entire Neemrana clan but if you are travelling with small kids or elderly people; this might not be the right choice for you unless you check the lower floor rooms and book them in advance. But this is an ideal location for young couples and pre-wedding photo shoots. Also the distance of around 3 hours from Delhi, keep that consideration in mind but this a hot-selling property; most of the time you won’t find any availability during the weekends.

Neemrana Palace or Hill Fort, Kesroli: It’s built in the 14th century so you may feel it’s old and rustic appearance and won’t find it as luxurious as the Neemrana fort even though it’s neatly maintained by the hotel authorities.

They have gym facilities, you can cycle around early morning and it offers an amazing sunset view. But the only drawback is the distance, its almost 140 kms from Gurgaon so someone from Delhi would easily take 4-5 hours to travel to this fort.


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26 thoughts on “A weekend getaway with kids to Tijara Fort (Neemrana)

  1. Tijara is one of the biggest Neemrana property. I wanted to visit this place for a long time. Your pictures and travel account is so tempting, I’m considering a visit this month.


  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading knowing about every bit of fun at Neemrana Fort, Tijara, noted down all the precautions carefully ,definitely going to recommend my family and friends nearby. Thanks for sharing details of such a beautiful

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  3. The concept of turning forts and palaces into hotels is picking up a trend in the country. Making it open for the public to live the life of royals for a while with a great view. Guess you had a good weekend escape Arti.


  4. The aerial view looks so so cool. Whoever is into history and heritage would definitely love this place. Thanks for sharing. #MyFriendAlexa #CloudandSunshineReads


  5. The pictures look great and from your description this place looks like a perfect place away from the hustle bustle of our daily lives. You need precautions with kids as shared but overall looks really good.

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