Book review- The girl on the train

The girl on the train

Rachel is an alcoholic, lonely, divorce, homeless and jobless woman who daily travels to and fro the London through the train and navigates her aimless life through it. Through the windows she witnesses her favourite couple’s life- of Scott and Megan and envy/idolizes them; how someone can be so happy in the company of each other; an abode that could never built for her husband.

Her own past is surrounded by her infertility, alcoholism and journey of abusing her caring husband; and in nutshell she solely blames herself for destroying her happy life even though that was her husband, Tom who cheated upon her and married Anna (his mistress)

Today Rachael is constantly in a state of helplessness as if her eyes are still looking for some answers that were never questioned by her but are deep hidden inside her unconscious mind; a constant state that she has become habitual of; all courtesy to her extreme drinking habits and the memory loss that occurs post her hangover. And during one such evening, she sees something; something she shouldn’t have been part of.

Rachel knows a horrific event has happened right in front of her but she doesn’t remember anything. Megan has been missing and what she knows something important about the case even when it can shake her ex-husband’s happy marital life but unfortunately she doesn’t remembers anything out of her memory loss. And the more she gets into the case, more she gets suspected to be the one behind the missing. But truth isn’t needed to be found here!

However Rachel is in pursuit to find the truth even after she has been ruthlessly discarded by every single person involved in this case. So why she is still interested without a ray of memory in her mind? Is she still hoping to mend her things with Tom, her ex-husband or this is the reason why she is still bearing his surname?

And what about Megan’s darker truth, she can no clue about it!

Also coined as #Gonegirlversion2, The Girl on the Train is a 2015 psychological thriller novel by British author Paula Hawkins that gives narratives from three different women about relationship troubles and binge drinking.[1] The novel debuted in the number one spot on The New York Times Fiction Best Sellers of 2015 list (print and e-book) dated 1 February 2015,[2] and remained in the top position for 13 consecutive weeks, until April 2015.[3] In January 2016 it became the #1 best-seller again for two weeks. Many reviews referred to the book as “the next Gone Girl”, referring to a popular 2012 psychological mystery with similar themes that used unreliable narrators.[4][5]

Film adaptation: The film rights for the novel were acquired in March 2014 by DreamWorks Pictures and the movie was released on 7the October 2016 starring Emily Blunt however they moved the film’s setting from UK to US.

Why should you read the novel?

If you have a strong penchant for psychological fiction thriller like Gone Girl. Absolutely heart wrenching and you will find it easy to relate with the book’s character. Go for it!!

Planning to buy the book, are you a sucker of printcover books like me??

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The Girl on the Train

Did you liked the review or have you read the book already?

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Happy Reading!!

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