Fit after baby- Walk or GYM?

Whatever it is, take it slow

There is a time that comes in every Mom’s life when you just can’t say that ‘I just had a baby‘ as an excuse to cover-up your bulging tummy, sagging thighs and gigantic figure as a whole; that’s a time when you have to actually do and get some air, both for your body and mind ( from continuous body-shaming taunts). After the birth of my child I joined gym after a year or so but soon gave up as I got pregnant again and before I could realize I again ballooned up nearly 25 kgs and reached to the pinnacle of 86 kgs at the time of my second delivery!

Today my younger one has turned 15 months old and I know it’s too cliché to promote myself as a New Mom and ‘I just had a baby’ so I resumed my fitness journey couple months back. Even this time my poor stamina and irregularities have really taken a toll on my health with add-ons like joint pains, backache and constant lethargy so I thought why not to hit the gym ( after all I have already paid annually last year)

But when we talk about a new Mom’s fitness, we (especially gyne) always advice the new Moms to start with walk and not the GYM; even the former looks more appropriate rather than us adjusting  XL dry-fit tights amidst the skinny and toned fit genes in a swanky gym! Guys I’m not promoting this but this is exactly how we as new Mums feel as we hit the gym; mostly the first timers or dealing with heavier side.

Okay so read it complete and then share your opinion.

So you join a gym, a good one with good crowd, music and experienced trainers. You go inside; suddenly you feel a gush of adrenaline pumping out from every corner of the gym. There are fitness monks hovering on suspensions, holding 30 lbs on one hand (true that!), marathoners running incessantly and athletics lost in an implausible stretch. And before you could assure that you have come exactly at the right place, suddenly an attendant will come to you and greet you with a grin, staring straight at your tummy; ‘you just had a baby right?’

And you will indeed reply (apologetically); ‘yes over a year back’!

Well my case was the most pathetic one; he ( the front desk executive) straightaway hit me with a taunt, and ‘OMG you still look like a pregnant’!!

Within two days I sensed the urgency to buy two pair of new sports-bra (the old one wouldn’t fit me despite my utmost attempts), black tights (yes black is the safest and most motivational color), pink and orange tops (to make me still look like a girl, okay a young woman) and a box of panty-liners (you will need this guys, the moment your trainer would instruct you for those jumping jacks).

Within four days I had encircled myself inside a deep pod of inferiority complex, why am I not able to lift a 4 kg dumbbell or run more than 5 mins at stretch on the treadmill? Who had designed the planks, they are impracticable! Why shouldn’t I try squats, oh wait squats make my hips more horrible! Who does school exercise like cycling, jumping jacks or jump knee touch; I look like a wobbling frog; everybody around must be watching and laughing at me!

And then there were no friends or acquaintance, everyone appeared busy; always busy and I found myself fighting my war all alone, just gasping and vaping oxygen all the time. Two more days and I felt as if nobody wanted to friend with me, what motivation could I bring to their life? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Even the trainers weren’t bothered about me; I was simply subjected to those boring jumps and cardio and thrown at one corner of the room as If I didn’t belong to that place.

Within a week I came back crying. I sobbed and sobbed and cursed the Gym trainers for not paying me the attention. Actually they were but I wasn’t paying the desired attention to myself. I was the culprit, every time I looked at the mirrors, I would turn my face and pretend as If I wasn’t there amongst the fit people; I felt the odd one out. And It took me a hell lot of time to accept that there was a reason I had joined the gym and the perfect people I was seeing there might had been in a different molds when they would have started their journey. It took me a long time to accept that everything was okay and I was all okay; even if I would fail, I would still learn my lessons; lessons about adopting a healthy lifestyle and moving my body an inch by inch.

So friends, everything was built up on the bubble that I created to hide my fears! In reality everything was absolutely normal.

So now coming back to where I started, when we talk about a new Mom’s fitness, we (especially gyne) always advice the new Moms to start with walk; WHY?

Because this is the best way to come out of the cocoon and feel the fresh air on our depressed face; to kick-start the adrenaline process, to get familiar with our surroundings, to fuel-up our discharged muscles, to greet and meet like-minded people and exchange our limitations and possibilities. As a second time Mom, it was easy for more to begin with walk and gradually move to a 5 or 10 mins run and slowly I began to focus on my postures. I made small changes in my diet and incorporated Me-time for my exercise even if it’s for 10 mins or 20.

And even though I have now resumed the GYM, I now feel more better and flexible. I have the basic knowledge about weights and I’m also aware about my strengths and weakness. This time I’m not bothered about anything; not even about scaling myself on a weighing machine because that’s not the prime necessity! And even if miss gym for a week or weeks, I have options; like walking, running, jumping jacks (yes those old-school exercises) and a balance diet to cope with any absenteeism!

Trust me this time I’m not in a hurry, because I’m still a new Mom because my baby is yet totally dependent on me for his needs.

So guys this was my viewpoint, what’s your belief? For a new mom who hasn’t moved an inch since last monsoon; what’s the better way to start afresh- Walk or GYM? Love to hear your comments.


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One thought on “Fit after baby- Walk or GYM?

  1. I enjoyed this! I am not a mother, but I could still relate to the self shaming that tends to be our way. Many mothers will relate to, and be inspired by the true feelings you have shared here. It is ALWAYS nice to know we are not alone. Great article!


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