5 Silly Questions That Women Are Asked Who Are Returning To Work

How can you justify your career break?

Well though you already know that I’m a young Mom and hence the break but still you want me to confess that how I failed in my career as I hit my motherhood. But let me tell you that I didn’t, because as a Mother I have learned so many valuable lessons in my life that are surely going to help me when I will resume my work! I don’t need to give you any justification about my life’s decision.

What they actually want to hear: Well actually after the baby I had no support so I had to take the call, now since I have support system and also my baby has started his school so I’m looking forward to resume my work, (blah blah blah blah) I hope you are convinced or should I tell you about my personal life? ( sic)

Why should we take your candidature seriously?

Are you seriously asking me such question? I have left my child alone at home for the first time and have pressed two bottles of milk so that I could attend this interview, and you still asking me that? Maybe you don’t know the agency fees for hiring a babysitter for the full year; it’s insanely exorbitant; even more than the month’s salary that you are offering to me!

What they actually want to hear: Sir/Madam I’m a hard working professional and very committed for the work. If you will hire me, I will not disappoint you and will prove myself to meet the company’s expectations. (a@#bg$%^%# )

 How will you cope with the gap for these years ?

That’s the reason there is a term called ‘probation’ in the companies where every new employee get the requisite training and fair opportunity to learn and perform; I’m not an alien per se. And to tell you I still remember how to swim though it’s been three years that I had hit the pool.

What they actually want to hear: Sir/Madam please give me one chance, I will not disappoint you. I’m even ready to work at a lesser salary.

(Well that’s another strategy to offer you a lower role with a lesser salary!!)

How will you manage work and family?

Now that’s a big question but let me tell you I have thrown my dices at the right places. I can guarantee you that my baby will never cry or fall sick; not even once while I will join the work. And my maid is bound to stay at my place for 365 days of the year (including the leap year) without any leave and it will be entirely my husband’s responsibility to look after the kids in any exigency. Sounds a great deal; isn’t?

What they actually want to hear: My baby has already started his school and if he will ever fall sick then my family will be there to support me. So I can guarantee you my complete devotion at work. ( Silently cut the call from home for the tenth time)

Will you be planning for another child soon?

Yes that’s my strategy to earn six months of paid maternity leave and exit your organisation thereafter. And I actually forgot that while planning the second one, not only we have to consider the age difference, my health, finances and personal scenario but also the organization’s approval.
Once a SAHM always a SAHM !

What they actually want to hear:  No at all , second child isn’t in my mind; we are happy with just one kid in our life. ( I’m 33 so If I get selected, I will have to wait atleast two years to conceive again. Umm 35 is still ok!!)

Congratulations you are finally selected for the role, you will be working under your junior now and at the same salary that you left ‘x’ years ago. We both understand that since your break isn’t justified, we are giving you a favor by hiring you. And it’s your responsibility to meet your targets without any fail or excuses related to your personal life.

Sure, thank you so much. I will never disappoint you.


Two months back, I got a call from a prospective employer and when I checked about the salary, they told me that I will be the same that I left with. Much to my dismay when I asked that I deserve atleast a certain hike because my break is genuine and my salary should be as per the industry or their company’s benchmark; that irked him! I hung the call a minute and replied ‘not interested’.

I remember the last time when I surrendered with one of such opportunity, I was hired at 40% lesser salary only because I had a career break of few months owing to my personal reasons. I was highly competent and deserving candidate but the employer played the trick on me and I fell prey. Today as a mother of two kids, I’m more sensible, alert and deserving equivalent to anyone with the similar skills and capabilities. And as I look for a right opportunity this time I don’t want to feel myself disdain but equal; because I deserve it!

A career break is not a vacation period especially for the Moms. You never understand what she had gone through this period or under what circumstances she had to take a break. So when it comes to interviewing women returning to work, we not only need to evaluate their skills and competencies but also deal the interview with utmost compassion and be careful about our words.


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