Yunhi kat jaega safar sath chalne se (Staying happy ever after)

‘Yesterday night I narrated Rapunzel story to my daughter as her bed time-story. And I concluded, ‘and they lived happily ever after’; as I kissed on her forehead for a beautiful sleep. At the same time that made me ponder about what’s actually ‘ staying happy ever after’? And why to do we believe that existence of such phrase can only be dreamy and magical?

Happiness is scarce and it requires efforts. Quite similar to when we seek thousands of matrimonial proposals and then apply our filters to find our Mr. Perfect or when we keep on dating and greeting like minded people until we stuck with the our soulmate. Even after initial years of marriage we play our best with surprise gifts, celebrations and parties and then suddenly we say bye-bye to the cupid in our life. We finally surrender our efforts to the mercy of responsibilities and society stigma and become detached to our Mr. Perfect or soulmate and laugh over a coffee or beer mug; ‘love, are you kidding; there is no such thing!’

Love has been such a thing always; it’s scarce and require efforts. We all want it and yet we lack in it. And I’m no exception here, years back when I fell in love; even I have experienced sea-changes in myself and the way I see my partner. I might blame ‘n’ no of challenges today as an excuse but the fact remains same, I don’t make efforts the way I used to like 7 or 8 years ago so if there is some fault in my relationship; I bear the ownership also! In pursuit of making big surprises, we forgot the small efforts that rather can bring the greater happiness in our lives; wanna try few of them?

  • Talk, talk, talk, shut your egos; and don’t think say that last time also you were the one who initiated the conversation because that’s a total spoiler.
  • Plan some alone time, even if it’s about 5-10 mins car drive or relishing the next lanes gol-gappas together. Yes it’s important but don’t turn that ‘moment’ into grocery or vegetable shopping.
  • Don’t just talk about kids, at least that shouldn’t be the first thing when you meet after work. Talk about yourself and the more you will ask him, it will trigger him to ask your whereabouts too!
  • If your parents or trusted friends visit your place, make a small excuse and sneak out of the house; yes just you two! It’s not a crime, how can you ever let such an opportunity go? Go ahead, plan for a surprise dinner or pubbing that your spouse has been always dreaming for!
  • Pamper yourself, okay life with two kids is messy I know. But give it a try atleast once in a month or so. You might uplift your partner’s day when he watches you with a cute kajal or red lipshade, hey vice-versa can be a nice perfume and her favorite shirt and don’t forget flowers for her!!
  • Indulge in some sole-activity, now that’s trickiest to find but you can’t leech upon your partner all the time. Gymming together, couple-dance class, tennis, it all appears dreamy and tempting but in today’s time sometimes it’s not possible to indulge in the same activity together at the same time. So if coupling isn’t possible do the solo thing, trust me that will surely boost your confidence and giving each other some individual time is very healthy.
  • But it doesn’t imply sticking yourself to a bad or an abusive relationship; that’s worthless. At the same time if deep in your heart you know that you have chosen the right partner but still things aren’t working right between two; then my dear you need to re-do your homework and take the plunge!

Do you remember the seven vows that you made to each other during your ‘pheras’? Honestly I don’t remember them but one thing I know is to stay happy ever after with my man. And today after so many ups and downs I have come to believe that life is too short to make excuses, stress about than to stay happy. Or else how am I going to spend my life’s journey?

Here I’m not at all inspiring you to stay in a bad or an abusive relationship, its totally worthless but if you have ever met someone that you believe is the ‘right one’ for you then never ever let the person go our of your life.

At the end what it takes is small dose of efforts!


So guys we are just two blocks away from finishing our #a2zblogchatter challenge and today I wanted to speak my heart out. To talk about the biggest challenges I have faced in my relationship especially after becoming a mother. Life isn’t easy but neither love is; it demands continuous efforts and a spark to keep it going. Usually when we speak to couples especially those who have become Parents, they mostly tell about how their life has becoming more of a caretaker than a husband or wife. But is this way we all get married, to forget about the basics and act like devotees?


Did you liked this post or have any suggestions to make? Please feel free to review, also this blog is part of the #blogchattera2z challenge in the alphabetic series for ‘Y’.

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