X: Cross, Stop, End and Delete

********* Short Story**********

Once upon a time I had a very good friend, actually he was more than a friend to me and the way our friendship was churning, I had always believed that it will last till eternity. But nothing could happen like that, at the end it stopped like X; cross, stop, end and delete..

I met Vicky at my second job and he was eldest in his family but even after the tons of responsibilities, he would always stay carefree and supportive. He would always reach office on time and was always the last to exit and I could feel the rapport he maintained with the entire staff and even the security guards or the helpers. He came from a humble background and we all know how difficult it is to survive in metro cities, but still he would never hesitate to support his friends with his mediocre pay whereas there were heavy paymasters who had a clitch to even spend 10 bucks from their pocket!

I began loving his ingenious behaviour and attitude towards life and that was enough for us to connect to offend many eyes but we never cared about it. Neither we gave a damn about how people would often catcall or raise eyebrows at our friendship. For the first time in my life I was enjoying someone’s company, I felt more alive and happy; something that I had never ever experienced before. In coming months I awaited news from his side in terms of taking our relationship to a new level, I had been waiting to say ‘yes’ but probably he was very comfortable staying foolish or he didn’t felt the necessity. But the day when I wore a LBD (little black dress)for the first time just for him at our office annual dinner and when we talked the entire night in the bus coming back from a trip; I realised we never needed any words as filler; our relationship didn’t had any gaps to fill.

There were instances when he would hug me or pat on my back randomly or would just smile at me. Often he would change his cab route to help me reach my home safely or he would wait for me to finish my work for a shot of coffee together.

More time passed away and by then I had become fully inclined to him. Though I was still missing three golden words; but I didn’t gave it much a heat. Our annual review was closer and we had heavy deadlines to meet; I was eyeing for an appraisal and by any means I wanted to finish my task and succeed. At times I would sneak out at hidden ‘addas’ in the office with my laptop to finish my work.

I still remember that day, I had a tiff with my boss over ridiculed targets; I was desperately looking for Vicky but couldn’t find him since morning. Before I passed out I decided to sneak out at some corner where nobody could disturb me and finish my task; also Vicky had to cross-check the statistics before I could freeze them in the system.

As I made my way towards a junkyard cabin, I heard someone’s whisper and giggles. Someone hit me hard like a thunderbolt when I saw two images moving inside the room. Never ever had I imagined Vicky with someone else, they both swiped out of the room in a haste and I didn’t dared to turn back.

Sad but truth,I had caught him red-handed with another girl; why he never told me about her? I asked this question to myself for the weeks to come but couldn’t find any answer and Vicky never spoke about the matter; for him he never felt the necessity. What kind of relationship I had been dreaming about, an arrangement where you can’t ask anything? I could never got courage to ask him about a third person but it was very important for me to understand where I stand in his life. I waited for more time but he would always carry a blanket of comfort and didn’t seem to be bothered about.

The day when my promotion news came out, I went ahead to my boss’s cabin and declared my resignation. Everyone was in a shock and so was him. I waited till my last day that he will come to me, hold my hands and will express his feelings and everything will be fine. He would daily ask me to revert my resignation and stay but never uttered any word; maybe to him I was just a good colleague or friend or nothing. I chose to shut my wound by maintaining a distance between us and let the emptiness fill in.

First we crossed each other’s lives and then stopped all the possibilities and ended a beautiful opportunity to delete it forever from the existence.

Though somewhere in my heart, I still wait to hear those three golden words; atleast once!


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Lots of love.

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How to bring back lost love in a relationship

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