An Urban Love Story

Love stories fascinate me, real love stories hit my mind deeply and I feel as If I can connect the dots and pin down my own memories. Like when I see someone meeting his/her lover at the airport or the railway station with the warmest hug and delight! Can you feel someone’s joy of meeting their partner after a very long time or you feel people hype their emotions?

Well today I will tell share with you a snippet of my own story, about a nascent urban romance that began like an utmost childish picture but evolved with time and exhibited every single motion out of me in a way that I had only visualized in my craziest dream!

It was 8 PM when I called my dearest friend for a small favor; ‘I will meet and accompany you tomorrow at 4:30 AM to pickup her cousin from the Bus Stop; and keep this secret only to you!‘. Well actually that was the lie I had made to my Mother so in case if she got cross-checked, she needed to be informed! Surprisingly that was a half-lie because I had plan to reach the Bus stand early morning to meet someone. Though the bus stand was like 2km from my place, it’s not an easy thing to sneak out all alone in a small city to meet random people. But he wasn’t any random guy, but ‘the’ most special one and the last time I saw him was like 5 months back and this time all I wanted was to see him first! My friend referred me ‘crazy’ as she dropped the phone and honestly that actually was the craziest moment.

The next day as I promised to myself, I woke up at 4 AM; quickly sneaked out of my house and wrapped a shawl around me. It was the onset of a wintery morning when no auto-rickshaw was available and as I looked upon my watch it was 5 AM already. I forgot to check my phone and all I found were his 10 missed calls; he had been waiting for me at the bus stop.

“My sweet muggin, you go back home. I will see you in the evening”; he said to me over the phone; he clearly understood that there was no conveyance available.

But I was already very restless, I asked him to wait a little more. How could I miss that chance to see him; he was mine. I had to see him first! 15 more mins passed away and there was no sign of any Vikram ( we used to call Auto-rickshaws by this name). Suddenly there was an auto coming from the opposite direction, I waved my hand and hurriedly crossed the road.

‘Bhaiya, please turn back towards the bus stand; hurry up’; words got stuck in my mouth when I saw him coming out from the Auto. He was there, my eyes froze and I felt as if my whole body was jammed in that moment; and he kept smiling the entire time through his intriguing eyes. He looked so different yet so charming and simple. He had already reached the stop 90 minutes ago and as I wasn’t getting any conveyance, he decided to catch me up and took the detour. But it was a risky step, we both were standing close to each other in less than 200 meters from my house.

In a minute or two ( I don’t remember) he asked the Bhaiya to take us back to the bus stand and I quietly sat next to him. He gently held my hands and hid them with my stole. I dared not to look outside the window, within minutes we reached the ISBT. I wanted to hug him but felt very shy; the number of months we had been together were far more than the times we had met ( yes that was a long -distance relationship). He gently came closer and gave me a cute-little hug and watched me with an utmost amusement.

“You are really a very mad girl, what was the need for all this, we are going to meet in the evening na”?

‘But I wanted to see you first and I will always be the first one’ I looked right at his beard-clad soft face.

I left the place in next 5 mins and rushed back to my home. I quietly entered the room and made a stern face to my mother about I helped my best friend in successfully receiving her cousin at the wee hours. ‘Oh, I’m so sleepy’, I yawned and snuggled around my elder sister and slept peacefully for another 2-3 hours. Later in the evening I dressed up soberly and met him in a cultural fest and had one of the best moments of my life.

Those crazy days, I tell you!

Well there were more such scenarios and every time I thrived to keep my promise; yes! But an urban love-story will not end like this guys.

Today as the Parents of two little munchkins, things aren’t easy when it comes to keeping the old promises. There are days when he is out for a business trip and I couldn’t even hug him properly ( as one of the child is usually crying in the background). And then there are complains about how we don’t give time to each other or don’t value as we used to in the old days’ however in reality things are pretty much same.

There are days when I feel like to re-live such moments and dare again to see him first; but then I realize the struggle we both have been through to live this present and it brings me back!

Maybe we aren’t able to express our feelings or reciprocate our urban romance in a fast-moving life but as I’m penning down my thoughts; I believe if he will read this one day, he will definitely say the same thing ‘ you are my sweet little muggin and will always be’.


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7 thoughts on “An Urban Love Story

  1. I cannot express how much I loved reading this post Arti, you are really a sweet muggin, it happens after kids that we reciprocate less and then with the increasing life challenges, responsibilities, love and those sparky moments take a back seat. You have expressed your early morning meeting very beautifully 🙂

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