Mrs. Khanna was very fond of flowers especially the red roses. For her marriage, at the time of garland exchange, her parents had ordered the most exclusive set of flowers for her. She used to touch, see, smell flowers daily. Soon Mr. Khanna got to know how much his wife loved the flowers, and he began bringing more and more flowers to her after his office in order to win her love. In months to come though no. of flowers decreased but he made sure to get atleast one rose petal for her.

A peculiar wave of smile would stretch across her face as if she would come alive mere at the presence of those flowers and would bestow her entire love upon him. With time she admired the pink and white ones too but still red roses remained her most favourite possessions. Mr. Khanna also got some flower plants installed in their mini balcony area and would keep in mind to water them first thing in the morning. He remember the majestic experience her new wife had in Kashmir while he took her to the famous Mujhal Garden there; it was flowers and flowers all around; a total new world of artistic flowers. She was so happy to watch the flowers blooming and thanked him to select Kashmir as their honeymoon destination; and he felt indeed lucky to select accurate honeymoon destination and win her heart since the very beginning. Now he knew that to win her heart and please her, red roses are the best and easiest way.

However sometimes it landed him in trouble too especially during their first Valentine’s, when he got late in the office and by the time he reached the flower shop; the prettiest petals were all gone. That was a herculean task to ride another 20 KM’s in the opposite route for just a bunch; but ofcourse for Ms. Khanna those weren’t just another bunch; it was an expression of love.

When she became pregnant, unfortunately she developed an allergy and as a precautionary measure her gyne advised her to keep any kind of fragrances away especially the flowers. She felt very sad, and Mr. Khanna couldn’t see her in such plight. He installed a glass frame between their room and balcony and kept a glass vase there. He would bring a petal everyday and keep it in front of her sight and that would bloom Mrs. Khanna’s day.

With newborn Mrs. Khanna day’s got busier and nights impossible to even look around anything but at the baby. Mr. Khanna still brought her a petal everyday but Mrs. Khanna would forget to acknowledge it and reciprocate her love. He still continued doing the same for the months to come but saw no difference; at times he felt surprised at this seachange but didn’t said a word.

Years passed away, he stopped buying the flowers but would water the rose plants everyday. There was no rose in the plant from almost a week and somewhere that was increasing Mr. Khanna’s anxiety but as he would see Mrs. Khanna moving around in the house with their kid without any worry. He realised that she had stopped loving him anymore but if he could just had a rose in the pot; he still have some hope!

One day Mr. Khanna met with an accident and had to be hospitalized. He woke up two days later and as he looked around he couldn’t find anyone. His head was in acute pain and there were thick patches of cotton and white rolls all over his body; the entire sight made him sick but suddenly he felt something.

He looked around, in the corner of the room he saw a bunch of lush and dark red roses enclosed in the same vase that he had bought for Mrs. Khanna years back. Though they were placed in a distance but their fragrances were reaching sharp till the corners of his nostrils; he felt a little alive. As he tried to sit-up, suddenly he saw an image moving towards him, that was Mrs. Khanna. Her eyes were filled with both tears and happiness and even her lips had freezed; she blabbered and called the Doctor. He got discharged a week later and joined back his office in a month’s time. When he came back Mrs. Khanna looked at him with an old endearing smile; and Mr. Khanna slowly offered her the rose petal which she gently accepted with a gush of blush and love.

A new life had come back for both of them.


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14 thoughts on “ROSES

  1. As a mother of two I have have forgotten to take a moments break and steal a look at my husband. I realise after reading your story that the romance needs to be rekindled. Let me buy him a bunch of roses today. What say?


  2. Aww, this is such a beautiful mushy love story to start my day with. Honestly, after the kid, even I fail to reciprocate my husband’s gestures of love most of the times. But I guess we have both evolved with time to understand this new phase


  3. This is such beautiful post Arti, don’t laugh when I say this, but had tears in my eyes towards the end, galti dono ki hi nahi hai bas log reciprocate karna bhul jate hai, this is a reminder for every couple ki kuch waqt guzare sath mein 🙂


  4. That’s a touching tale. You touched a painful nerve, my dear. I love red roses and my husband used to bring me bunches. But since he died no roses for me. Once he brought a basket full of rose petals and poured them over me.


    1. Wow, that must be so memorable Ma’am, I can only send you lots of hug and warmth from here. N your words reflect how much value you give to the relationships and that’s very inspiring


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