Quench of LOVE

“I will wait for you till eternity”

“Don’t be fool; I’m getting married next week. There is no relevance of such things, you please move on and find someone suitable for you”; she had to speak sternly.

“Love can never lose its relevance”

And then she didn’t turned back, things were not in control; they never were! Like any other obedient girl, she married the man of her family’s choice without a word for ‘a typical married life’!!

When we see any normal couple around us, we stereotype and believe each of them to be living a normal life; like the man doing his 9 to 5 job and the woman handling the household chores. We are conditioned to think and believe the same way but we never thought about the importance of love and understanding until we get into the same voyage.

Riddhima assumed that leaving her happiness behind would never impact her new life but with time she realized how wrong she was to judge herself down. With every passing day, things became worse until one day when she couldn’t bear more.

She wanted to quit but she was too late to think now!

“Don’t behave like kids; you are a married woman now. Have kids that will help you to save your marriage”.

Not blaming anyone but again we are conditioned to advise similar whenever we see our married children in the same situation. Somewhere deep in our heart, we know that as parents we have made a wrong selection but then we want our children to bear our wrong choices for their lifetime in the sake of our false pride and loose hope of their future.

And then in a year or so, she became a mother of beautiful girl. When she finally thought her life would settle; it took a complete U-turn. Things got worst with her alcoholic husband and she finally had to make a choice. She chose a better future for her daughter and when everyone turned their back to her including her parents; she knew that she will have to fight her battle all alone.

 A divorced single mother, she had got her new identity with much loathe and shame but she had realized what worse can happen to her; with time she learned to face everything with blithe. But she still in lack of something; love. Somebody somewhere was still waiting for her; she lacked the courage to turn around. Why the fear was still prevailing in her life, maybe there was nobody to give her the courage that she needed. She kept her open eyes closed only to live in the moment and just for her daughter.

Years passed away her daughter soon turned 21 and flew the nest. Over the years Riddhima had been suppressing her feelings, her quest for love but she could never garner the courage to take the call. Today sitting alone in the empty nester there was nobody to question or raise fingers at her. All her life she had been running and hiding from her own fears rather the inexplicit notions of society or family. They all had been left behind decades ago and ‘if not today then when?’ ; she was still fighting to herself.

And then for the first time in her life she had finally decided to put a step forward; one step closer to her heart. As she opened the door her eyes met him. It seemed that nothing would bind her heart now!


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