Perfect people, Imperfect relationships

One day Mr. Verma brought 17 assessment sheets for his newly -wedded wife. Ms. Verma couldn’t understand what they meant as she hands him a hot cup of tea, in few months of their marriage she isn’t sure which baffles her more: his intriguing nature or a constant smile as if he is hiding plethora of questions beneath his mock-up grin. But unbeknownst to her Mr. Verma is very determined about his secret mission and for the project analyzing her emotional intelligence (EQ), personality and behavioral traits was an integral part. He wants to finish his most important project- how to attain a perfect relationship between two and how it can survive without any fail?

After all he is prolific researcher and master in his field.


·        Romantic height preferences in men and women; check

·        Ideal age gap between husband and wife; check

·        Horoscope, position of stars and moon; check

·        Education parameters and professional accolades; check

·        Vital statistics; check

·        Family backgrounds, social status; check

·        Likes and disliked; favorite movies and hobbies; check


One year passed away, he couldn’t seek any solution. Everything came right as per his calculations, ‘then why do we fight?’; he questions himself sipping his morning tea. While Ms. Verma is busy at her work still beguiled about Mr. Verma’s secret projects. ‘My husband is a very busy man’, she thought as she fills few more sheets to support him in his next project.

10 years passed away, Kids laugh whenever they see Papa playing with anonymous numbers in his study room. Mr Verma give them a stern nod as an indication to finish their homework. ‘When my life will be on the right track?’, he press his fingers across her forehead; sipping his favorite tea. Ms. Verma has gone out to buy some surprise gifts for him on account of their tenth marriage anniversary.

10 more years passed away, Mr. Verma find it difficult to focus on statistics; probably he wants to retire soon as he packs his old research papers in an old trunk. Ms. Verma comes surprisingly in his room while handling him his favorite morning tea ‘I have told you so many times that you shouldn’t stress more about work now’.

10 more years passed away, perfectionism no more bothers him; he has no time for such kind of research anymore. As she puts down his favorite Ginge tea on the table, he finally give her a natural look, somewhere still trying to understand her through his unwrap lens; without any further research.

‘ Everyday you work so hard to keep us happy. You are already so perfect; you don’t need to prove anything with extra efforts’. she smiles back at him trying to cheer up his day.

He shrug his shoulder shortening those sharp lines that have grown all over his eyes in these years. Their relationship has always been perfect too!


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6 thoughts on “Perfect people, Imperfect relationships

  1. Wonderfully thought of and presented. This has a deep and connected meaning for the smart and might seem as a puzzle to the uber personality. Love the way you connect the dots and create something so simple yet relishing.


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