Notice- Little Things In Your Relationship that work magic!

  • In the middle of night you wake up only to see her profile picture and sleep back again smiling.
  • No matter how much tired you are, you quickly go to the kitchen, peel the onions and potatoes and prepare hot fritters with ‘Adrak wali Chai’ (Ginger-tea) before he reaches back home.
  • At the party you secretly stare at him and feel how fortunate you are to have such a loving partner in your life!
  • He calls you to inform that he will be late at work today and as you come out of the office, you see him straightaway waiting for you.
  • When the baby is constantly crying at the wee hours and as you are about to pick her up, you notice that the husband has already got hold of her and signalling you to sleep peacefully.
  • When you are at office call, and she brings you a mug of coffee and wrap herself around your arms and rests down!
  • When you both binge and fight for a Maggie Cuppa 
  • When you bring her flowers and she is surprised because it’s neither valentines, anniversary or her birthday.
  • When she watches you driving to office towards the corner of the street until you recede from her view.
  • When he gentle planks a peck on your cheeks and make you blush innthi middle of the stress finishing the kidsk homework.
  • When you are sobbing alone after a fight, and he surprises you with a sorry and deep hug that you regret to fight with such a caring man!
  • When the in-laws are around and after the meals he secretly takes you out for a ‘paani-puri’ (indian snack) date in the pretext of buying groceries.
  • In a crowd, he makes you feel protected. In a party, he can’t keep his hands off you. He just finds any reason to touch and tickle you.
  • When you start blushing without any reason and can’t hold back your smile.
  • When there is no occassion but you surprise him with a dark mascara and soft red on your lips that you bought few months back 
  • When you are glued to phone and what you are looking from past one hour are his old pictures.
  • When you are talking to someone and suddenly starts smiling not at someone’s joke but his sudden remembrance in your mind.
  • When he cancels his Friday meeting and cones back home early.
  • When you wanna stay at home even during child’s vacation because you just don’t wanna leave him alone.
  • When you are waiting for the weekend to watch your favorite web-series with him.
  • When you have already selected a dress but don’t buy it because he didn’t liked it.
  • When your partner surprise you with the same dress that you left purchasing from the store yesterday!
Do you notice the small efforts that your partner make in your relationship everyday or you wait for the big surprises to happen?

Life is all about small miracles to fill our heart and the power lies only in the hands of two people- You and me! We all have a image about a perfect life and a perfect relationship but often we got so much fascinated and intrigued with the outer fabricated world that we forgot to take small steps that actually lead to the perfect marital bliss.
So next time if you are hurt, depressed and stressed about why things aren’t working out, make an effort and do small changes. And even before that first notice the efforts that your partner maybe putting forward too!
Can you connect with any of the real life examples that have been mentioned above and if you have more such experiences to share, please comment.

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6 thoughts on “Notice- Little Things In Your Relationship that work magic!

  1. Arti, this is such a beautiful post and it made my day, we forget to express our gratitude for the simple things life and our life partner offers us daily, this post was a reminder to all to appreciate all the little beauties of love and life.


  2. Wow, such a nice list of itsy bitsy lovely things that bring that special smile in life. appreciating small things is something we forget in daily life. Great post


  3. This is such a sweet post. Indeed it is essential to notice those little things that keep the spark alive, despite the marriage, kids, in laws and difficult situations. I had a wide smile on my face while reading your post


  4. I truly believe that magic lies in simple moments that hold no pretense. A thoughtful gesture means lot more than an expensive gift. Having someone love you and treasure you is the best gift of all.


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