Mobile and Marriages

Starting April month, I decided to take a month long break from Instagram ( one of the top 4 social networking sites). The reason wasn’t just #a2zblogchatter challenge or lack of high-resolutions pictures or any privacy breach but also about how it was taking troll on my marriage life; yes at one time I felt really glued to it rather than focusing on my personal life. And I really need time to re-evaluate about how much time I’m dedicating to my mobile versus my real life!

So mobile came in my life in Year 2006, a month after my MBA had began; our professors had guided us to buy a mobile so that we all could stay connected even after the classes. My father, a very strict man agreed to buy a phone for me reluctantly and finally got me a mobile only to share it with my elder sister! That time the only necessity was to dial someone’s number and talk, I still remember the way my device looked like and it was very very cute. With time and greed, models kept on changing and advancing with new technologies and then came the era of internet and big screens; but even the time I got married (Year 2012); mobile hadn’t turned into an intruder that time like the way it has become today!

Today every person complain about mobile addiction but still can’t live without it. We need mobile first thing in the morning, in the washroom, on the bed, besides our meal and even in the middle of our crucial meetings and exigencies. We love our mobile the same way we love our partner, but often we began valuing it more than more than the predecessor. And we may share our bank accounts passwords or OTP, but when it comes to sharing the mobile passwords; it can really get down to our nerves!

It’s a complete new world on mobile and to manage marriage parallel with a social words that appears more fascinating, addictive and fruitful can lead to misery in real life. Let me ask you, do you even know your spouse’s mobile password or are you even allowed to touch it?

I’m aware that successful marriages are all about giving each other some space and respect; but at one point of time mobile obsession can really test your waters; especially once you become parents!

“You please change the diapers, I have an urgent mail to reply”.

“You take the baby to the park, I will join you soon after an important call“; sounds familiar?

More or less, we all do that. We all want to escape and what’s the best way to remain invisible rather than staying a little more with the mobile?

If not text, then phone. If no internet, then video game. If no games, then videos. If no buffering, then downloads. If nothing to do, even swipe up, check the wallpapers, downloads update and then shut off! Sadly marriages don’t come with so many options; they demand time, concern, care and adjustments! And practically it’s not a crime till the time we make this is a habit and take this as best way to escape from our marriage; because then the question arises that why did we got marry? It’s a grave concern staying inside the car in the parking lot and texting or nibbling for hours on the phone! You should be at home or are your sure, you aren’t expected early?

Since past few months, I was also going through the similar obsession, because I used to feel lonely. When I’m free after my kids sleep and work is done around 11 pm, there is hardly anyone awake to talk with me. And even though I should be sleeping at that time, I just couldn’t sleep. I was trying to be a Mom Blogger who the world believes is a pro in managing two young kids however in reality I’m just another person like you struggling to make my life special amidst the daily boredom. So mobile isn’t a solution for me, it can never be a solace for anyone.

Though today I may not need a camera or laptop or book or TV or even a music player; but one thing I would always need is a healthy relationship. So compromising it with mobile that once my professor advised for staying connected can’t really keep me connected; I need a life too!


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7 thoughts on “Mobile and Marriages

  1. I so loved this post-Arti. I could relate to your thoughts at many places and I have seen people neglecting kids just because they are doing something with their mobile phone, that hurts me the most. In the end, it’s just a gadget, it’s a means of communication and socializing but not bigger than any relationship.
    I too go for a weekly detox every now and then, I uninstall even Whatsapp and trust me I survive ๐Ÿ™‚


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