Instagram relationships- don’t feel intimidated

Love can come in all shapes and sizes but on Instagram you will always find it in the form of #couplegoals or #relationshipgoals. Earlier I used to be mesmerized by the flawless pictures that people post on the social media wearing designer outfits and accessorized with a perfect camera lens; but slowly it began to hit me deeper inside; “is my relationship a couple goal too“? And if yes then how can I validate it?

Today we not only want to feel LOVE, but also want to see it materialistically and show it to everyone. Before wishing our partner on his birthday, we are more eager to post online the surprises we have planned for him and the no of likes and views decide our efforts rather the reflection of happiness we would want to see in our beloved’s wife. Anniversaries, birthday and valentine means surprise vacations, weekend getaways, cakes, chocolates, diamonds, shopping, spas and excitement; there needs to be fun in everything and not at all boring, isn’t? And most of us don’t realize that slowly we are in a race to impress virtual world more than our partner!

Trust me I don’t come from an ancient world either, I started my relationship journey through a phone call and extended it to the endless chats and messages over those late nights that we spent miles away from each other. And I was always astonished to know more about him through Orkut ( an extinct virtual world) , to see his friends and posts on the Facebook but today when I see the viewer’s craziness on the Instagram, I just found it insanity more than the just expression of love. Even a school going boy or someone who has just being cheated; they tend to believe that a perfect relationship lies in those spotless picture clicked at an unknown destination with full smiles, hands together and lost in each other’s eyes! And seeing such pics, we tend to believe that the perfect couples can never fight, argue or let go any event without a celebration.

I will tell you my personal experience, mine is a love marriage so we knew each other for 5-6 years before we got hitched and let me tell you for me he is the most caring and genuine person that I have ever met. When I became mother for the first time, my whole world trembled up with the new responsibilities, motherhood stigma and changes that occurred in my body. And with second delivery I have hardly any ‘me’ left time and moreover I feel secluded as a caretaker of two kids with no life of my own or any fun or new excitement. This phase is challenging for both of us, we both are juggling up with our individual as well as collaborative responsibilities often ignoring each other’s likes and necessities and hence we do have our own share of conflicts and disagreements. It doesn’t imply that we don’t love each other but this phase is really testing our relationship.

A normal couple can fight even for smaller stuffs like who will change the diapers or who will take the kids to the park or who will put the kids to sleep? This is actually very normal, you can have a healthy argument over meals, wet towel or which sofa to buy; yes and it’s very normal if you get upset but sort out your things on the same day or in a day or two. But remains important and critical is whether you value each other’s person and give the person love, care and respect!

But on Instagram I never see any couple’s distorting over such issues but rather always feel happy faces, smiling while changing nappies together and promoting their favorite baby brand! While on the other hand whenever I have a chat with someone in person, they all share how their relationships are facing tough time dealing with the kids or work or families around. Doesn’t it indicate how fake we are on the Instagram?

A true relationship doesn’t mean fighting all the time but neither it’s about faking your inner feelings for the sake of garnering few likes and followers. Or sitting on the couch watching the favorite TV show but in actually phubbing and hardly spending time together! Even I’m an Instagrammer and trust me I have clicked selfies together with the only intention to post online and match it my content but few weeks back I realized that if I really have shortage of time to spare few mins with my hubby, then how can I devote my precious hours to the Instagram just to attract some extra likes and hits; so I took my steps back and decided to take an insta-break! That was conscious step to work back on my relationship.

I guess this is what we do most on the social media,’ we do everything to impress but don’t want to consciously make things work‘ And this is the prime reason when we search #couplegoals online what we found,

  • couple cuddling, kissing and hugging each other at some exotic location, overlooking sunrise, sunsets, breakfast on bed, and welcoming perfect moment everyday
  • most of the time dressed in lavish designer wear and matching high-end accessories
  • working out with matched tees and tights sweat-free
  • Always smiling and holding each other’s hands flawlessly

Friends there are more than 14 million pictures using this hashtag and each one is more sickening than the last. And that also imply that #couplegoals are not rarest to find, we just need to look back a little to our relationships and see through our own source of happiness.



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10 thoughts on “Instagram relationships- don’t feel intimidated

  1. You have echoed my thoughts, Arti. We have stopped living our lives for ourselves and we have started living for the likes, comments, followers on the social media.Most people arent really all that they ‘post’ to be 😀


  2. A very beautiful blog I came across today, I have seen people comparing and even copying some of the Instagram Influencers, Couple goals what they portray is for social media who knows what it holds inside those pictures.


  3. That’s true!!! I have had many friends who first post on social media! Though we met on insta, our relationship is away from social media! Touchwood


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