How many of us have fear in our married life, we may find this question amusing but have we ever checked it??

Ambika married into a highly cultured well do family and her match was an Ivy league graduated who was earning more than 3 lacs in a month. She thoroughly began to enjoy her life and soon became a mother of beautiful boy. After 3 years she decided to resume back her career and joined my organisation as my colleague. We soon became acquainted and I was quite impressed with her style and a subtle smile that she used to carry always! But in sometime I realised that she used to make lot of excuses and lies about her whereabouts from us; it felt she was hiding something pretending to be talking to someone when her phone was down and leaving at a time when either everyone had left or were still in the office. I just couldn’t understand but one day the truth came out.

My boss told me about her situation, that how her husband had thrown her out from their house with her kid in the middle of night. And he was actually a complete lordly, self-centred guy and narcissist person!

He had to move from Hyderabad to Delhi with his family because of the same attitude; his company had fired him.And Ambika had been bearing it all, she had wrapped everything beneath her eyes because she just couldn’t tell this to anybody. Her parents had spent more than a crore in her marriage and soon her younger sister was going to be hitched. One bad news and everything could be spoiled so basically she had all her fears on her mind to stay mumb and face her brutal nupital every single day!

And this wasn’t the first time she had been thrown out, last time when it happened, their child was just one and after an hour or so of continuous pleading; he let her in back! Ever since then she has been making lies about a blissful marriage while inside everything was totally fake.

I was stunned to hear this but then I had to stay quiet until the day she broke down in front of me and thus I became part of her plight. It was her son’s birthday and her husband hadn’t even called the child once. She messaged him to atleast send their child a message but he warned her to either come back with a face down and apologize or be ready for the consequences! She was literally shivering in front of me, I hadn’t expected such a scenario; to be honest we weren’t friends at that time. But perhaps sometimes it’s easier to share everything with a stranger rather than a judgemental close-knit.

I wondered what and how to say to her in that situation but I held her hand firmly.

Few days later she told us about her divorce, ‘ I’m going to raise my child on my own and this time without any fear’.

That was the last time I saw her, she soon moved to her hometown and later to Canada. Her family went into trauma post her divorce and didn’t wanted her to face the society. But what she had done for which she need to be penalized?

Is divorce still a crime or a fear in disguise that we never want to get rid of? This is 21st century and I wonder if this is the case of an affluent family with a well educated daughter and support; what about those girls who are born and brought up in a way to soon become slaves of the next family in lieu of big ransom by their parents?

Why do we still fear about,is this one of the reason that in India we still have lowest divorce rates but highest level of stress amongst the married women?


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9 thoughts on “Fear

  1. That’s so true Aditi, Indian women still have the fear in their minds when it comes to separation, rather they prefer to lead a stressed life. Its time that we change these and be happy inside out!


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