DECLARE: If you love someone…

Love demands understanding, adjustments, sacrifices, patience, and everything that you can happily do for just one single person in your life; yes one special person. And if you have ever met that person in your lifetime for whom you can just do anything and everything without having any second thought ; can you ever let that person go?

We define marriages as love or arranged, but I have always found this segregation strange; because we fumble our lives with bigwig jargons and then spoil our simple life with their complexities. Today I will tell you one such story about my old friend and about his ‘lost’ love.

So he met his girl through the ‘arranged’ way and then he fell in love, actually both of them. And despite doing every bit for the sake of ‘LOVE’ they forgot to do the most important thing; they didn’t declared to anyone that they were in ‘LOVE’ and that came out to be their biggest mistake.

5 years back when Shaan and Diya met through the family’s arranged proposal, they both felt an instant connect! And the connect was so addictive and felt a lot like love. Sailing in the boat of shyness and inquisitiveness, they began trailing each other’s footsteps and though they never bothered to say in words but they were in LOVE already. Why to say upfront, after all it was an arranged setup, so they thought let it be!

Time passed away and then came the moment for the families to freeze the engagement and marriage dates; they were veryclose to be united officially and both were extremely happy. But then something happened which they had never dreamt!

His family invited Diya to meet his extended family and make her accustomed with the traditions that they follow. Diya came out unhappy and perplexed to act like an ‘Ideal Bahu’. Shaan wasn’t there, and neither in the scene where both the families had met to discuss each other’s customs and rules; afterall it was totally an arranged setup with floating egos and supremacy. Unfortunately their families couldn’t develop the same rapport as the kids had developed already for each other. So while Shaan and Diya were weaving their future together, small rifts emerged between the families who decided to prefer their alter ego and break the arrangement !

Shaan just couldn’t understand anything; how can the families break down the stepup primarily arranged by them ? He trusted his family and thought they will take the matter wisely, being the eldest son all he wanted was everyone to be happy and easy going, he thought some more time and things will be fine. But not even in his wildest dream he had imagined that Diya would consider it as an excuse for him to choose the family and not her. He has always wished to have in his life but he also tried to sort the things arranged way and not like a rebel of a bollywood romantic movie. He could never told his parents how deeply he has fallen for her and there can never be anyone but her for him. The distances between them played the trick, he wanted to visit his family and her both personally and wanted to put forward his opinions. But the time gave him no mercy!

He tried to convince her but everything failed, she had kept her heart and eyes open for months for him but by the time he could sumup some strength; it was all over! After a month or two, where he had been already negotiating with his fumed parents, he was also building roadmap to bring the two families together but his family failed to even listen to him, maybe even then he just couldn’t tell them loudly about his love. Downhearted he then stepped up towards his love with a hint of rebellion in his mind but by then it was too late,his girl denied him completely. As per her, he missed to take the stand and acted as if it wasn’t love but an arrangement for him!

After facing dejection by the family, the guy wanted his girl to support him, he thought she will be happy to see him finally as she shut back her door; Shaan realised it was too late!

Days, weeks, months passed away and every single day, he cried to himself but there was nobody to solace him; the girl never came back in his life. The flower had already fallen from the plant before even if could bloom! A love lost its identity somewhere and even today nobody could understand the depth at which a boy and girl really loved each other for now to be remembered as a failed arrangement between two families.

Love was always there, gasping for some air beneath the false world and false expectations but at the end everything failed. So If you every love somebody, then declare. Say it upfront that you LOVE…


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