Childhood Friend

We both had studied together and were amongst the best buddies in the class, we used to hang out together and enjoy our classes like any usual gang in the class would do but that time was purely isolated from any kind of flirt, romance or fling. Then we were just 13 or 14 years old, growing up in an old-fashioned world unbeknownst to anything except childhood; being Innocent and childish!

My father got another city’s transfer so we had to move. As I was about to leave the town forever, he called me on my newly fixed landline phone and that was really a coincidence for me to receive his call (we all know the charm of picking the newly installed landline calls during 1990s but the ‘no-boy-should-ever-call-you’ rule applicable for the young girls in home). But do you know what a 14 year old boy said to me then- “I Love you”. I just can’t describe the thoughts I had that time except it didn’t felt nice and I was very scared that Papa must not get this news. And for the first time I didn’t recognized myself as a child but someone standing at the onset of the adolescence!

Decades passed away and I never looked back, once I saw his profile on the Orkut but even then I surpassed to even glance back at him; my life was too messed up with my career and long-distance relationship that I had no time but to ignore his messages and hung up. May be I was still immature at that time and still that ‘itch’ on my mind, but at the end whatever he said was quite childish.

I met him online once again, and this time on the Facebook. I just couldn’t reject his friend request, after all today we all are grown up, have established careers, responsibilities and settled in our lives. Atleast I consider myself far-far enhanced version of what I was 10 years back in terms of the understanding, non-judging aspect and respect regarding human’s values. So I accepted his friendship request after I checked his marital status and as he seemed to be a sensible man enjoying his life with family and friends. The moment I had hit the accept button; his message popped up. Accidentally a smile widened my face; after all we weren’t enemies, once upon a time we were very good friends and who actually hates their old school friends?

So we had a small chat and it felt really happy; afterall over the years the burden I had been bearing in my mind about acting like a lunatic with my school friend needed to shed off, he hadn’t done any crime! We had many topics to discuss and revived our childhood memories and it all felt quite normal. He asked for my number because he said he wanted to hear my voice, naively I called him back. But the way he talked to me I felt as if we were still class IX students giggling and teasing our teachers and naming other classmates. Years back I had lost touch with everyone after that little incident and through him I came to know so much about most of them. He was a little sarcastic about others in between, maybe he wanted to show off a little but I ignored. He wanted to talk more but I told him about my second pregnancy and how I hardly have any time for the long talks, and then we hung up!

In the evening I told my hubby and he laughed back pretending to be bit jealous! Anyways after a day or so my ‘friend’ called me back, but I was busy. A day after he rang me up again, I was half-interested but then I picked up the call, he wanted to check if I was still angry with him for the one thing he had said to me years ago. Honestly I was never angry but I never liked it so I conveyed the same thing back in my reply, god knows in what context he took back my words!

He called me again the day after and though that continuous chase pissed me a little but I took the call. He was surprised to know about my love marriage and then also boasted about his love story, honestly I was least interested to know but I found strange it when he disclosed me about his wife’s pregnancy and at the same time checked on me if I’m available to meet him; for God’s sake I was pregnant too!

This made me to cross-question myself again; ofcourse once we were friends now but we have completely different lives and to be honest neither I felt connected or identified any common interest with him. Even now I found it little appalling to sense his machoism, show-off about his multiple affairs and his perspective about women.

May be as a 9th standard girl, these things were not in existence then but today these attributes constitutes my identity. I instantly felt totally disconnected with my ‘lost-found-old-but-not-anymore-a-friend’. I stopped taking his calls, soon he became a new father and the time when he should stay with his wife both mentally and emotionally he casually wanted to check on me and few days later I blocked his details from my phone. That night I hugged my hubby tightly as I told him about everything and I felt blessed to have a life partner who has always stood up with me rather on checking with old-forgotten classmates for some luck!

Though this incident disturbed me even today, but I had to take my ‘Call’ and that day I realized how correct I was a 14 year old girl back then!


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10 thoughts on “Childhood Friend

  1. I totally get this. Over the years, I have connected with many childhood friends. With some it was like we had never been away and with a few it was like, “how were we friends back then?”. May be it’s because life and its circumstances change us as we move from childhood to adulthood. Interesting read, Arti!!


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