Bold is Beautiful (Love and relationships)

We always say bold is beautiful, but have we ever really thought what being a bold is? Is it about wearing progressive clothes, disagreeing to other’s opinion or breaking the norms. I have met one such person at the time when I was also lost with my cliched definition of being bold and the attached stigma; and she broadened the definition so here it goes!

And When I met her for the first time, I even didn’t framed her as beautiful leave alone being bold! I met Priya didi almost an year back, at the time when I desperately needed a Japa maid (wet nurse) to look after my newborn and the agent hurriedly dropped her at my home with her baggage because I was in dire need. It was half past eight and though I was confused whether to keep or send her back; I had no other option.I was confused because nowhere she looked like a motherly caregiver. With a broken smile she whispered ‘ Don’t worry Bhabhi (sister-in-law to refer me) I will handle everything’.

Weeks passed away and I got chance to know more about her: a divorcee and teenager-mom, her journey has never been smoother. She belongs from a small town of West Bengal and though all her siblings are fairly educated, she fell into love and married early. Within an year she realised her mistake but she decided to mend her things right away, she walked out her misery marriage and decided to raise her child on her own and yes without any education or support.

‘People mocked at me, call me by names but I had no time to waste on them but to secure future of my daughter’ she proudly told me her story.

And she slowly learnt the newborn training and got herself into this work. ‘ I knew I can’t do housecleaning or any odd work but this is the work I love to do, to take care of new babies and spend time with them, something I could never do with my kids’; she used to say this to me always!

Being bold means living life your own way and feel good about it.

And to my shock, over the years she has bought herself a piece of land in her native town, she has a room on rent in NCR because for the days she don’t have any work, she prefers to stay alone with dignity rather sharing a same quarter with male -females at agent’s office.

Being bold means learning to live with dignity.

And to tell you she is always very particular about her whereabouts whether it’s related to meals, clothes, her personality and hygiene. It was quite shocking for me to see her applying homemade face masks, eating fresh food and living at a strange place but with full poise. ‘ I have to take care of myself so that I can give my 💯 while managing your child’.

Being bold means prioritising self-love above anything.

Though she doesn’t live with her spouse but he also contributes towards their daughter’s expenses. She knows that she can’t rely his source completely but as per her belief there is no point of stopping her husband from not developing a bond with the daughter, giving the case when he is willing to and that’s the only connection alive between two of them. Once when I asked why never thought about moving with him again, she replied that though she still has a soft corner for him, but unless he affirm to treat her with all dignity and love; she will never go back to him even if she has to live her life entirely all alone. Till the end, she will never compromise.

Being bold means being in love but not without respect.

In today’s world, the word ‘Bold’ is too over-hyped and that to the extent that we all feel it’s too impossible to act bold and rather stay in whichever position we are in currently. On the contrary our small change actions can kick our boldness out and we can feel more comfortable to our own self. Ladies like Priya didi are an inspiration to move on towards the better side of the World because unfortunately we have only two options- either cry out and fail or try out and be bold!


This is my second blog towards the A to Z series of #a2zblogchatter challenge. Stay tuned for 24 more such stories.

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