AMBITION (Love and Relationships)

Sudheer walked out her life for the simplest reason that she left him alone to pursue the higher studies. “You left me all by myself at the time I needed you most” this is what he said to blame her but he forgot that it was actually Naina who had to face dejection and complete isolation especially when she dreamed something for herself, for the first time ever in her life! It really made me ponder upon can’t an ambition and love stick together?

Four years of blissful marriage and a mundane life with dreams to conquer, it was happiest day in Naina’s life when she got an offer abroad for higher studies. With tags of mother and wife, she wanted to fulfill some dreams of her own and looked upon Suddher. Though he smiled and cheered her up, nothing she knew about his odd plans beneath. There she flew with her son, and the other side Sudheer moved towards an undisclosed relationship where he found his solace. He had the audacity to acknowledge her decisions but he could never prepared himself for the commitment it needed; time, patience and love.

You know what should have been the best part? Sudheer should have told her about his intentions, but he didn’t. Time passed away and as Naina got busy with her new challenges and responsibilities of raising son in a different soil; he never made her realize how much disconnected he was during that period. Well that time wasn’t to hold her hands but to understand and sense each other’s hardships through the tunnel of long-distance and prove their love.

But only the time passed away and love did nothing nothing, and though in these years they happily posed for the social media and their parents (who had already made their game plan of victimizing Naina to leave alone her husband); when the time came Naina was the one who had to face the devastation. In our society, a wife’s ambition is termed as a bad omen for a happy family!

Humans have same set of basic needs, if Sudheer longed for the intimacy, Naina had her moments of helplessness as well. If Sudheer cried for her touch, Nainia had to faced her hardships all by herself and she even had to manage a growing child and moreover she had gone out to prove herself so expectations were higher on her side. But at the end nothing matters when it comes to weighing a man and woman like equals because as  women we have always been brought up like this. When we marry, our parents whisper in our ears,

” Beta, now the whole responsibility is upon you, so handle everything wisely”.

“Beta please be gentle with your in-laws and maintain cordial relationship with your husband.”

“Beta, never let us down, you are now their deity of wealth and prosperity”

So they always teach us how to take care of the husband and his family but never guide us what should we do when it comes to the accomplishment of our own dreams and desires.

Had the guy would have got some distant opportunity like onsite or a lucrative government job in a far flung place, wouldn’t be expected from the wife to support him? Is the lifetime commitment of loving and supporting each other so fake that it can’t survive a woman’s dreams of 1-2 years, why it all looks so justified and fair for the man to abandon her?

 This makes me remind of my own marriage, though I had a love marriage but my own parents proudly boasted in front of my in-laws that it’s upto them whether I should work after marriage or not! Maybe that was their way of giving respect to my in-laws but those words have stayed me forever. It may sound like a guy and his families always have an upper-hand when it comes to the institution of marriage; it sounds more like an agreement.  

But I guess this is how our lives are, shallow and judgmental; no place for a married woman’s ambitions. She can jump but can’t fly; she can dip her legs but can’t swim!


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