That First Big Step- When the School journey begins!

School selection is the most complex part of every Parent’s journey. This is the time when we have plenty of questions and ambiguities in our mind and being deeply concerned for our kids; we want to select an optimal learning institution that can provide the right care, learning, comfort and direction to our child. Today most of us are aware that the early years of a child’s development are the most critical phase of his life and hence we need to be very careful before we take a leap forward!


According to Priya Krishnan, CEO and Founder of KLAY, “Research has proven that by the time a child reaches the age of 3, 85% of the brains capacity is already developed. Investing in the early education and learning of children, from birth till 6, turns them into emotionally strong and well balanced individuals with a lifelong thirst for knowledge.”

Luckily few days back I got a wonderful opportunity to explore KLAY, Gurgaon as a Mom Blogger. As India’s largest and most trusted parenting partner, KLAY, sets the standard for Early Childhood Education, engaging children between the ages of 5 months to 10 years in an exciting world packed with stimulating learning experiences that arm them for tomorrow’s world! KLAY is one of the leading play schools chain in India with 80+ centres across 7 cities in a span of 6 years and has engaged more than 7500 children so far. I had been to KLAY before and can still reminiscence the fantastic experience I had there meeting and knowing about their philosophy.

KLAY, Malibu Town Gurgaon

If you ask me, my first experience with KLAY is that they are very strict in their approach, yes they are! Managing young buds isn’t an easy chore; its a serious business. And unless they don’t exhibit how strongly they are committed to provide the best care and learning experience to our child, then how as Parents we can be sure?

Walking through the center, the first thing that caught my attention at the center was a clean and spacious ambience amidst the city chaos; something that we all wish for our kids- a peaceful setup that can offer our kids the right space to flourish. As I stepped ahead, I met the Branch Head, a very heartwarming and compassionate person who carries a rich experience to manage and supervise such a big learning space.

Plenty of open space for the kids (KLAY)
Spacious, state of the art and well maintained rooms
With a curriculum crafted by experts and based on the theory of multiple intelligences, inquiry based learning and experiential learning, KLAY, strengthens the future of children. Compliant with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards, they encourage children to explore the world around them and ignite their imagination and creativity.
Makeshift changing space created in every room to ensure privacy and hygiene

Now focusing on the programs offered at KLAY:

  • Infant Care: 6 months onwards
  • Junior Toddler: 15 months onwards
  • Senior Toddler: 2 years onwards
  • Emergency Daycare: 2.5 years onwards
  • Pre-K: 3 years onwards
  • K-1: 4 years onwards
  • K-2: 5 years onwards

That is quite an information as it guarantees a focused approach to the different age groups. And there are full time nurses on duty for the Infant child care. As a mother of two kids me my biggest challenge is to overpass that Moms’ guilt when I will have to leave my kids behind and resume my work. So if you are too going through that situation, it’s important to sync up with a school that works on the same philosophy. And one another thing that attracted me at KLAY is their extended Day Care facility till 7:30 PM, yes!!

And not only that talking from a Parent’s perspective, KLAY provided a regular communication about the child’s routine through their mobile app, has CCTV coverage, emergency tie-ups with hospitals and Doctors on call, CPR & first aid trained team and freshly cooked nutritious food for the kids to ensure that the Kids get the right environment and support as they ought to as in their homes.

Once I had been to another famous playschool and I was appalled to see the dark spaces that they had built for the tiny tots, I mean can you imagine your little kids spending their maximum time inside such hidden rooms?

As a Parent of tiny precious we have certain parameters to be met and hence a personal visit is a must before you decide the right school for your child. Please note that KLAY Schools are compliant with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards. To explore more and experience the difference yourself, you can reach KLAY at

And now an exciting news, KLAY is hosting LI’L FOLK Festival in association with Kal-aakaar collective for the children aged 0-4 years across all the centers in Gurgaon on 16th February, 2019 ; 11:00 AM- 2:00 PM so this is an exciting opportunity to be part of funfair and explore more about KLAY’s philosophy.

Also they are coming up with their new center at Sector-19, Gurugram so you have the best play school for your child in the closer vicinity. Register now!!


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