101 ways to fail at Potty Training

I have written this blog for those Mums whose kids are yet to be potty trained and are sailing on the boat ” Will my child ever be potty trained “?

Relax Mums, you kid is not passing his graduation!!

As Moms always know the best so I have always received best of the best motherly advises. And when it came to potty training my daughter, everyone bombarded me as if I didn’t knew anything about motherhood. But it took me a while to strengthen myself that I’m also a Mum (actually the best person to understand my daughter’s clues and her readiness). And that was the time I stopped listening or reading such unsolicited advises.

But before that, I troubled myself and my girl a lot. I completely brush-a-sided the fact that I was the one who first made her comfortable in Diapers and suddenly I can’t expect miracles to happen. I kept her diaper free only during the days and skipped totally as the winter came in.

Struggle is actually real:

Yes I did bought a portable potty chair when she turned eight months old. For people around me ” this was now or never ” time. And I was still half-baked in my mind, but nevertheless I tried multiple times only to irritate and scare my girl to hell. It annoyed her so much that I finally had to remove it from her eyesight. As she turned 15 months old, I tried again but she was too smart enough to put her toys in it rather than her pees and wees!

Look at the way she has wrapped her potty chair, trust me its 100% untouched with ‘you know what I mean’
Time passed away and I kept on trying.

Finally I moved on to the Potty seat of her bum size but then also she never sat on it, I tried almost everyday but she was just not ready. Dear Mothers, I don’t want to discourage you here but trust me nothing else but the only thing that can help in the potty training is the child’s clue.

Yes you don’t put your baby in the diaper from Day 1 and of course your baby can be potty trained fast but then it’s something we are not comfortable with given the instances when we have to manage our household chores and we want to be free from washing soiled nappies and itched baby’s skin!

Yes, and it may vary from child to child. There are kids who start to pee at an early stage and may take enormous time for the Potty training thereafter vice-versa.
So the next time you see any 3 year child still playing around in her diapers; then please don’t give a weird look at her Mom. This sucks badly!

I did tried many tricks:

Based on web recommendations; I showed multiple ‘useful’ videos to my daughter and talked on and on about Potty training and how she is growing big enough to be potty trained; surprisingly she understood everything and agreed to me word by word; but again as I sad she wasn’t ready to give me ‘her clues’.

➡️In the park; I pointed at her friends and told her how they all were potty trained, she agreed but again she came back and did ‘it’ in her diaper or ‘underpants’.
➡️During play-dates I gave her multiple examples and even other Mom friends joined me but again she didn’t gave me any ‘clue’. She wasn’t just ready!
➡️Except Winters and night-time I kept her diaper- free but then she found a perfect spot behind the sofa and curled up in the curtain area for her magical poop.
➡️It was a cumbersome task for me to clean everything especially when I had conceived my second baby, I knew I couldn’t do it for long. There were instances when she peed in the park and I had to pack up everything to bring her back upstairs.

As a pregnant Mom this wasn’t easy but I also realized that that wasn’t the perfect timing and I should wait a bit more!

And then one fine day the miracle happened;

During my second pregnancy; one of my biggest worry was about her Potty training. Today she sits confidently in the Potty seat and now I laugh at myself about serious I was during my ‘pregnancy period’; going crazy about the challenges that passed down as a child development phase.!

So potty training isn’t any battle, atleast our past-generation never felt so why do we bother about it so much?

Well why do we filter out a Mom’s capabilities on the basis of how fast her child is potty trained?

Not just 101 but I failed few thousand times but then one day it worked; and I realized it was all about ‘her clues’ and ‘our communication’

And yes there can be child-related issues too like 

I nearly avoided the fact that my little girl was having issues to poop, I contacted her pediatrician immediately and he advised with the necessary medication. Though she pooped a tiny amount for the first-time in the bathroom; for me it was a life-time achievement and moment of great joy! This was another clue to rectify her dietary habits for a good motion.

Reward-Time; She really deserved a gazillion hugs, kisses and yes chocolates from me; she finally did it! 

So what happened next??Regular encouragement brings confidence, and as the fear of the unknown was gone; my girl finally began to potty and pee on the Potty seat inside the bathroom; so there was never a living room drama! Today I put on diapers during night because as I said it’s all about timing and her ‘clues’. Often she wakes up and tell me in the middle of the night and I ensure to put off the diaper and help her to pee but there are times when she sleeps and forgets totally and I’m completely Ok with it.

During the day if she takes a nap; I always put a plastic sheet beneath her to avoid any accidental risk and I let her skin to breeze and feel free.

To be honest somewhere down the line I had to enforce her for Potty training but I’m so proud that she left no stone upturned to let it come naturally to her and not rather reinforced.

My younger one is today 10 months old who is currently 100% on Diapers but I know what I need to concern about, his clues 🙂

This is my story; What about you , do you have a story to tell or 102 ways to fail ( or learn)??

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