5 Self-Care Ideas for New Moms

Motherhood transitions every Woman out of her comfort zone, so when life takes a complete U-turn, the first thing we all do is ‘Forgetting yourself’! Even as hard we try, its difficult to take time for self, and then we tend to let important things go. Well I did the same during my first child and as result while I let others judge me, I obsoleted myself to complete Motherhood life leaving no space for my own self.

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I wanted to prove myself , that how good I’m as a Mom.

I wanted to prove how well I have prioritized my child above my everything.

But slowly I realized that people have tendency to say different things at different intervals, and I could hear how I’m nothing more but just a ‘Mom’. One day it hit me really hard when my spouse indicated that I should do something for my own self; things that have always made me HAPPY. Today as a Mother of two kids, I finally have learnt to incorporate few very simple self-care Ideas:

SLEEP: This is something everyone talks about but how to actually have atleast 6 hours of sleep. But you know what’s the mantra to get that ‘extra’ sleep? Wake up on time, Yes just do it for few weeks and you will be astonished to see how all your day works are getting streamlined with some extra time for yourself.

Need some real motivation about waking up early, read here

HEALTHY MEALS:Well I have simple 5 steps that might help you->>

  • Start your day with nuts , fruits and milk ( if you are not lactose intolerant) and no packed material please. When it comes to nuts ensure everything- almonds, cashews, dates, walnuts, raisins, peanuts and all.
  • Always plan your breakfast before bed, that will make you easy in the morning to handle fussy kids as well as getting ready for office or gearing up for hubby’s tiffin.
  • Whenever you feed your child, always sit with two bowls- one for the baby and the other for yourself
  • Always make a point to hydrate yourself before- after the feed, after every washroom visit and every time you step in the kitchen. It’s not a tough habit, try it!
  • Never forget the GREEN color – right from Spinach to Lettuce, Spring Onions, Sarso, Methi, Coriander, Curry Leaves

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EXERCISE: I took this as a joke and always claim it as Luxury I got a major hitback from my health few months ago. We need a healthy body and vice-versa and hence even a 5 minute of exercise in 24 hours can help. And no managing household chores is never any form of exercise, so I will tell you what I do these days:

  • Stretch my body: Anytime while I’m in the kitchen or even before my shower or before taking the baby in my lap.
  • Squats, Push-ups, Lunges, Leg-race, Plank: Sometimes I do all of these in a day or one out of these 5 golden exercises.

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DITCH EVERYTHING AND JUST BE STILL:  Is it necessary to keep doing something all the time? Just ditch everything for a minute and close your eyes or just observe your surroundings. It might be the most lame Idea to write but the best one to actually open the window of your heart that you never could see through. TRY it today! And no Mobile Phone in hand please!!

STOP THINKING MUCH What if he will not like it? What if this doesn’t go right? What if I will have to repent this later? What If? Shut this “What if” right away and whatever ( yes whatever) you had been dreaming to do, just do it!!

Yes it’s cliche to write but its the major hindrance for we as Mothers to stop doing the things that actually make us happy.

  • Want to be keep your hairs short, blonde and straight? Don’t ask, go for it!!
  • Planning a night out at friends’ place without the kids- tell your Hubby confidently, he never asks you for the late office party; see you don’t permission; take it as a two-way support system
  • Longing for a wax, cleaning or head massage? What are you waiting for, book it right away on the app–>
  • Need help from anyone, ask it right-away!


And the last and foremost thing, If you thing your friends or people around you are happier or doing great than what you are doing in your life; maybe its the time to shut all of them for few days or weeks! Its time you focus on your self baby!!




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