New Moms, These are the Things You Need for Your Little Baby

Motherhood is a lifelong expedition and if you start well, you can stand steady in the long run. Often people say that second pregnancy gets smooth as you get enough experiences with the first child, but for me both the journeys have been entirely different. But yes, second child has taught me to be more organized so here I’m with few lists that you must add in your house as you gear-up to welcome your little bundle of joy:
Cot/ Bassinet: Honestly if you have an extra space in your bedroom or a spare room, buy it in advance and use it from day 1. Even co-sleeping is better (most prevalent in Indian families), but as a Mum of two I have to share my bed with my 3 year old girl who is no mood to sleep in the other room while my 4 months old baby has to sleep in the cot next to our bed. These days I feel if I would have made her sleep in the cot from the beginning, things would have been easier!

DSC_1873 - Copy

So for my second child I bought a mothercare cot in 50% discount and purchased the mattress separately through Amazon ( good deal). often we assume buying a cot is an expensive affair but if you buy it wisely you can easily assemble a nice-comfy cot in around 10K. Yes but if you opt for a cot bed, then it will cost your approx INR 20 K but then use it for a longer use. I have plans to switch my both children to a proper bed once the younger one will be around 2 years old.

So carefully select your baby’ cot or a cot bed that can comfortably fit in your open space.
Feeding Pillow: To all the breastfeeding Mommies, yes you need it. Once you will have your baby, breastfed is going to be your duty every two hours. You need a back support as well as tummy support to ease bf, during initial weeks where Breastfeeding, milk supply, latching and other terms seem like a rocket science! There are multiple choices available in the market, if you can buy an expensive one go for Chicco or Boppy, I purchased Nina ( slightly affordable) Feeding Pillow with my first child which I’m using now for the second one.

IMG-20180317-WA0013 (1)

Baby Carrier/Sling: Oh, it feels so good to carry your little one but if you have walk down a mile then you better wear a sling. Not only it keeps a healthy posture but keep mother’s warmth intact with the baby’s skin. But yes one thing is there you might not be comfortable to carry little baby until he/she is atleast few weeks old but still the opinion varies. I have a mothercare baby carrier which is very sturdy, you can also check the soulsling as they have a wide range of products within each range. Click on the


Swaddle: I didn’t knew about it during my first child neither we were aware about how important is to swaddle the baby for her utmost comfort. As a result my girl could never sleep properly. During my 2nd, my Japa maid used to wrap the baby nicely as touch-wood he always slept a bit longer and could see the comfort he had. I purchased few swaddle from the local market and have recently bought a very nice muslin cloth set of three from firstcry. And the best part I can use it for my personal use once the baby won’t need them anymore.

A 100×100 cm swaddle set from Abracadabra, purchased through FirstCry

Swaddle cloth bought from the local shop, easily usable till 2-3 months

Bather: At the first glance, they appear an unnecessary expense but trust me it has made my life simpler. Its a very handy thing for new Mums who have to do everything on own. Bathroom is a risky place and have high chances of spli or hurting yourself. In a bather you can comfortably give proper cleaning and bathe to the baby avoiding any such risk. But don’t get fooled with the pricey tags, go for a simpler one because after 6-7 months the baby can easily sit on a bathing tub and will enjoy the splash with his favorite toys. I’m using bather from Luvlap and it has costed with approx INR 900.

Baby rocker: Ok, this is not a mandatory product but its a good thing to have especially in a nuclear family setup and at times when you are trying to put baby on sleep and he needs a constant swing. I got Fisher price rocker as a gift but that came as a savior for me and I used it for both of my kids. You can always whisper to your friends about it so they know what you want as a gift from them:)


Little night lamp: A tiny but very useful thing to have in the bedroom. I always suggest not to open the lights in the middle of night but to use a dim light so that baby’s sleep doesn’t get disturbed. Want to know more? I got this one in just 100 bucks.

Baby Stroller: So this is something you need from Day 1. I have personally liked Graco baby stroller though it’s little expensive. During first delivery my parents gifted me a big pram cum stroller but after six months I switched to Chicco umbrella stroller which is extremely handy and easy during travelling.
Diaper Bag: Ladies this is a necessity and buy a good quality diaper bag that has various compartments, nice zips and aesthetic look. I never liked those flowery and teddy-printed bags so I bought a little expensive bag from Milestones through Firstcry I can easily use it for my own use and it’s been three years I’m using it but never ever faced any issues with it, so in to-to a worthy purchase:)

Monthly Subscription of Diapers: Yes, they hold a big share in your monthly expense so do keep an eye on the good deals. You can see me as a self–proclaimed Firstcry fan but seriously in Gurgaon I never get any discounts on the diapers so I always check the good deals on it and often on Amazon. And saving like 35 or 40% on diapers is really a good thing, isn’t?

My first choice of diapers for both the kids

Let me know ladies if I’m missing out anything or you want to share your experience with me.

You can also comment on the topics you will like to see on my blog. Take care beautiful Moms 🙂

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  1. I have a two years old. And he is the naughtiest kid I have seen so far. Yet he is so adorable. Being a father has been the best life experience so far. Not my first job, not my first love and not my first travel. This is way beyond those. Loved your blog. Lots of love for the kiddo.

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