My experience with the Soul Sling Carrier

So I recently stumbled upon this beautiful Merlot Soul Sling baby carrier and I’m very excited to share my experience with you. Not just because it’s from the SoulSling but because it encapsulates my life as a Mum of two little ones.

My two kids are 2.5 years apart so you can pretty understand how demanding my life has suddenly become. I have used baby carriers in the past but today a it’s a boon for my motherhood struggles while catering to their demand of respective Mum’s presence.

Why Soul Sling Merlot Wrap?

🌷First because of its fabric, (it’s linen); cool, silky, soothing to touch and exactly what you have been looking for in the Summers with such a beautiful color to compliment.

🌷Strength, you need a wrap that can boost a confidence in you while you carefully wrap your baby around and keep yours hand away!

🌷Good grip, minimal stretch and a slight bounce, and perfect support to manage a bouncing little munchkin.

Today I had to go out in a cab and suddenly babywearing hit my mind. I was able to wear my little baby in less than 5 minutes and that came out to be such a wise decision. With one hand I held my daughter and also carried the diaper bag, locked the house doors and moved out keeping my hands free. I was able to place him in the front wrap position throughout the journey and he seemed very relaxed. Even while coming back I put him in the carrier again and thus I could embrace my loving toddler with the other hand.

See that’s how a good wrap can pitch in, to provide the best comfort to the Mum!

Which position to try on for the Infants?

If you are an experienced babywear, you can easily analyse that I’m still an amateur in the world of babywearing. That’s why I tried Frontwrap cross carry position that has a double support system. You can check the complete video here and try yourself; it’s super easy!

Why I recommend Soul Sling Woven wraps for the Infants/ Small Babies?

I found the wrap very long and broad so I was able to wrap my baby with full knots while bearing with my postpartum size😉. My baby could feel my skin to skin warmth and remained calm in it.

And not just with my little baby, the wrap is strong enough for my toddler too.

I have used carriers in the past but I loved this style of wearing my little one,Because I was able to wrap my baby all alone and my baby actually enjoyed it.

As a Mom of two I want to manage my daily chores in a comfort, ease and simpler manner. I often have to sneak out of the house taking my little girl to her playdates or park or even to unwind myself amidst my exhaustive Mommy duties.

So to all the beautiful Mums, it’s summer time so decide judicially. Select a wrap suiting your requirement and venture out with your little munchkins, no more hiding!

You can do it now…

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