New Moms, These are the Things You Need for Your Postpartum Body

As a second time Mum I have few experiences to share with you guys especially for the new Mums who are either completely naive or carry half-filtered information.. Believe me you might be getting plethora of ‘gyaan’ about Baby care or best for baby but what about the things that you need as a new Mum??

Let me re-emphasize upon the most important thing and that’s CARE for YOURSELF first ‘ because you are the source of life for your precious child; so you need to be fully equipped..

  1. Comfortable Clothes: In a typical Indian setup when in-laws come to your place; you tend to wear suits with dupattas or similar attire to express your respect. Seriously solve this thing because it often get irritating especially during feeds (which itself is so challenging) and initial days when you are immersed in new scars, itches and pains.I’m not saying Indian clothes are bad (I love them) but wear something breathable and loose to avoid any issues of sweat or brushing of scars. Better buy some cool stuff in advance like few:

-> Maternity Wear: They are little heavy on your pocket (little expensive generally) or you can even go for maxi dresses with zips and buttons on the front, or either buy long skirts, jeggings or soft-fabric kurtas . Another best thing to do- Steal your hubby’s tee and shorts 🙂 for the coming months.

-> Big size Underwear: The last thing you will wish on earth is to irritate your scars, so better buy a size bigger than your normal. You may also check disposable underwears that are easily available online.

-> Comfortable Lingerie: Please don’t continue wearing the old sets, it can lead to serious health issues. You really need good cotton bra especially with soft, cups that stretch to ensure support & accommodate the growing bust and also good fabric to avoid any itches, congestion and sweat formation.

-> Silkiest Pajamas: Trust me, you need them most! They are easy, comfy, covered, buttoned, breathable, warmer, lighter and what not; go for it!

2. Bath and Body Care: Keep a little budget aside for yourself during this crucial stage, you really need a protein enriched Sulphate free shampoo to infuse some life in your dull hairs and a good body nourishes to evacuate dullness from your skin. Invest in yourself; trust me the better you feel, the happier Mum you will be for sure!! Anti-stretch mark cream, skin toner, nipple butter,a good night cream, day moisturizer and the list goes on.. Yes you need everything. Some of my favorites are Organix Argan oil of Morocoo Shampoo and the entire range of theMomsco products (100% natural, toxin-free and safest range of products for the New Mums and babies) Read more about it here.

IMG_20180528_194849 (1).jpg
I have used both the stretch mark creams, and I must say they are the best choices that I have made

I’m equally impressed with the product quality of Palmers as well and highly satisfied with their anti-stretch marks butter.

3. Breast Pump: with the first child I was very enthusiastic of feeding my lo directly. Honestly it was manageable but with the second one, it has become a challenge because I need to give time to my toddler too and a little for I to stretch my back and I will not lie but this time my back is paining like hell. So after a lot of notion and predicament I finally ordered Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump for myself. An extra expenditure but it worked, I have picked it up slowly but it helped during the first week of my girl’s playschool, my first date night after delivery and to attend few occasions when I could comfortable leave my newborn at home. Though I’m still struggling with it because often the baby refuses to take feed through the bottle and wants from the source directly but still its good- you have some option.

With time I have realized that a good breast pump is so convenient, easy for the new Mums and it can actually stimulate milk supply..

4. Breast Pads: As a new breastfeeding Mums we smell of milk all the time and have to face engorgement and leakage issues too; new phenomenon that can make any human hue and cry! Random guest visits, outings, etc we worry about that spill and often hide our body with dupattas or a stole. Best thing- use Breast Pads and you won’t need anything else. They are super comfy and very helpful to beat any sort of discomfort. I have personally used both Pigeon and Luvlap BP, and found them extremely comfortable, super absorbent and also within my range ( Luvlap 48’s Pack only for INR 271 on Amazon)

5.Netflix subscription or Amazon prime or a magazine subscription: To beat the moments of depression, postpartum and new responsibilities and of course getaway with the 40 days period of confinement.

See even small things can comfort a new Mom, switching from a semi-automatic machine to a fully automatic washing machine; hiring a cook or maalishwaali, Installing grocery and daily needs apps like Grofers, Amazon or even Ola cabs to avoid any last minute hassle. Don’t run for the last minute, this is the only time you have got so PLAN!

Always remember,

As a new Mum you get unimaginable happiness in your life that can’t be described but only can be felt. But it also takes a lot of goodness from you in terms of appearance and confidence and it takes hell lot of time for many Mums like me to regain that now-dimmed personality. So have few things in your kitty that can really support you to sail through the heaviest phase of your life.

Happy Motherhood!

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