The World of Cartoons

We all have grown up watching our favorite cartoon on TV, playing with our soft toys or famous character. As a little girl I was extremely fond of watching Duck Tales. I used to wait every Sunday to watch Uncle Scrooge globetrotting with his grand nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie and unraveling amazing mysteries. That was a world on its own with good references about Greeks, Dragons, Sherlock Holmes and even James Bond, etc.
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Even when I grew up, that fascination stayed up with me.
Today as a Mother of 2 kids, I don’t want to enforce my memories in their childhood but for sure I wish to showcase all such cute characters to them and watch how they can enhance their world of imagination through them or some other creative way. Effective children’s television is supposed to be educational as well
Like my girl loves to watch Nursery Rhymes, and I will tell you that why watching or playing with cartoons isn’t just a way of passing time or aid to finish meals.
  • It also helps them to connect with emotions, interact and build interpersonal relationships. There are some really good videos or cartoon books that can teach the concept of family and friends like Peppa Pig, Chota Bheem, Krish (Roll No. 21)
  • Kids learn to identify shapes, sizes, counts, alphabets, characters, animals. My girl can easily count from 1 to 15, sing from A to Z like a song.
  • It definitely make your kids learn rhymes naturally. I even keep on singing songs around and my 2.5 girl has picked all the songs.
  • They can learn good habits.Sharing, caring is what kids see, perceive and do; you can’t just tell them.
  • They learn to notice things that turn important in later stages of their lives. Strange it may sound but watching Duck Tales, I actually realized how important is it to earn and value money (Isn’t it a good habit?)
  • It helps to release stress, yes kids can also have stress or frustrations in their mind. We all need some happy time to unwind.
Toddlers are like little explorers. They can grasp new things even with their closed eyes because they keep their imagination window always open. Let them learn in their unique own ways. Limit it but don’t restrict.
So as I mentioned my favorite Cartoons are Duck Tales, Tom and Jerry while my little girl loves watching Motu-Patlu, Roll No 21, Peppa Pig (especially George) and Frozen princess. Recently she has grown fondness for Baby TV and honestly it’s a very clear Kids channel that brings a variety of kids activities, free baby games for kids, try it!
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