Croatia Diaries

It’s took me long to share my experiences about Croatia but I’m still full on with the lovely memories we had last year, especially being my daughter’s first international trip.

Even that was the first time we put our foot in Europe and after much research and keeping in mind the destination as kids friendly, Croatia emerged as our preferred choice. I would like to share the memoirs of the beautiful 12 nights we spend in the different cities/islands of this rich country, come let’s tuned in.
Mount Srdj, Dubrovnik

ABOUT Croatia is an Eastern European country with a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea. It’s also known as land of islands (more than a thousand to explore), it’s also crossed by the Dinaric Alps. Its inland capital, Zagreb, is distinguished by its medieval Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and diverse museums. The major coastal city Dubrovnik has massive 16th-century walls encircling an Old Town with Gothic and Renaissance buildings.

And did I mentioned about the famous Plitvice Lakes?? The scenery you have always watched on your laptop screen but never got the opportunity to feel it in real. Well check out my blog if you need to have more info about it ( And yes you must know about this wonderful place) You can read a detailed experience about Plitvice Lakes here


Plitvice Lakes National Park (UNESCO Heritage Site)


The Zagreb Cathedral on Kaptol is a Roman Catholic institution and not only the tallest building in Croatia but also the most monumental sacral building in Gothic style southeast of the Alps

It is a fantastic destination for family holidays as the towns generally have pedestrianized squares where kids can run around and play safely.

But yes since it’s not part of Schengen visa we had to think alot whether to club any other country or to only go for it. ( Travellers from India generally love to combine 3-4 countries when travelling to Europe for holidays). I suggest, at a time plan only for Croatia. But yes if you already have a Schengen Visa, increase your travel days:)

  • 1 night in Zagreb
  • 1 night in Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • 2 nights in Split
  • 2 nights in HVAR
  • 3 nights in Dubrovnik
  • 1 night in Zagreb
A favorite destination to those who know how to travel well, and a perfect backdrop to A Game of Thrones
Meet the sunniest place in Europe, the lovely Island of Hvar

Scroll down if you wish to read how we planned our beautiful journey:

So we took Lufthansa flight via Frankfurt and flew to Zagreb in the month of April. If you are getting a good deal on flights its advisable to fly to Zagreb and return from Dubrovnik; this will save your time. It was still chill in Croatia, as the weather for sea becomes congenial only by May end or June beginning. But that is also the time when the popular places get flooded by high in-flux of tourists and there is hardly any space for the little ones to breathe.Also all the places in Croatia gets slightly costlier. So we sacrificed our idea to dive in the ocean and in pursuit of exploring destinations amidst a lesser crowd, we opted for April month. Ofcourse money is another factor to consider.

You can read more about our first international travelling experience with toddler here


Beautiful backdrops at every step

Croatia is generally covered via north to south (Zagreb to Dubrovnik or vice-versa) , so while booking the flight, there are two points to consider. Whether you wish to self-drive the journey or opt for local network of transport. Please note that cities in Croatia aren’t well connected via rail ( no rail services that travel along the coast; only you will find the trains running from Zagreb to Split).

BOOKING. Also to simplify and customize the journey as per our comfort, we created the complete itinerary right from the visa application, booking, accommodations, schedules on our own. YES, and that’s not too tough. You can find some coolest advice on TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and Chasingthedonkey. This way we were able to save significant cost and planned itinerary keeping in view comfort for our child.

My suggestion: Don’t encircle yourself in the plethora of information available online. If you will read in excess, you won’t be able to decide.

STAY. This was the first time Airbnb came in our mind for accommodation and I can confidently say that it is the perfect choice when travelling with small children. Well you get the luxury to stay in the middle of main town and can select some cozy beds and 100% running kitchen for your little munchkins. We invested good time to research the central locations and could filter down all the amenities that we required.


Plitvice Lakes National Park




WHAT TO EAT Being an Indian and that too nearly vegetarians, we knew it will be tough for us to survive in coastal regions that serve mostly adriatic flavors and Ham instead of chicken. So we packed alot of MTR packets, Maggie, Oats, Little Dal-Rice (Yes) and even few pinch of ‘Desi Masalas’ ( Heeng, Cummin Seeds, Turmeric, Garam Masalas). With Airbnb we were able to select private accommodations near super market and easily bought the veggies or any other stuffs/snacks that we needed and we never had to stock when moving from one location to another.

And yes I do like to mention the beautiful hosts we met there. Some were kind enough to meet us and help us with our luggage. Some of them even provided us free ride to the ferry/bus stop. Again I said Croatia is a very kid and tourist friendly destination.

This is our first country to Europe and even though its not very popular as compare to Italy or Switzerland; but even then this holiday actually boosted our confidence of travelling with a smaller child. The people, hosts, local shopkeepers all are very helpful and these things are utmost necessary when you are travelling with little ones.
I will be sharing more bites about our holidays; in case you need any information regarding stay, cost, itinerary; I will be extremely happy to help you..
Happy Holidays..

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    Can you tell approximately how much you spent on the trip and also the names of Airbnb properties that you chose would be very useful.

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