Why I love being a Woman

She was told to walk slowly;

One day she climbed the Mount Everest

She was told to just perform;

One day she grabbed the Oscar as a Film Director

She was told to simply sit and see;

One day she flew the Aircraft over the vast Sea

She was handled a puny doll to play;

One day she saved the nation with her artillery gun

She was told to put fingers on her lips;

One day she shunned the government with her oratory skills

She was misjudged and was left alone;

Today she guide and rule the world

One day they mistook her capabilities

Least they knew for a ‘free spirit’ sky is endless…

Being a woman is really hard; it’s actually tougher than being a Man in this biased world. Every day we see and read huge influx of cases against Women: rape, harassment, violence, female genocide, and gender suppression and so on; the list never ends. But still we have centuries long history of survival and emerging as the most powerful GOD’s creation.


And I feel so proud to be born in a woman’s soul. There are enormous qualities in us that make us far competitive w.r.t the opposite gender. We are full of compassion, passion, empathy, love and care that nobody can beat about.

And trust me, we have proved ourselves enough. It’s time to rest and don’t give a SH** anymore. Recognize that We all are beautiful Women and…

We are STRONG: You know what it is like to be a WOMAN, and what our struggles are. And that’s the reason we are Strong not only physically but from the core. Many people say that a Woman is weak because she cries a lot but let me affirm that a strong woman feels deeply and her ability to feel and LOVE is her greatest strength.

We are creator of LIFE: We are parallel to GOD with this unique attribute, mothers are special. No matter how much a Man aligned himself with the pregnancy, we will be always 9 months ahead of the Man. Nobody can steal the magic of those 9 months from you and the prodigious experience of breastfeeding from you. And of course Pregnancy is not for the faint-hearted, Men I hope you are reading this:)


When you become a Mother it’s another reminder from the Almighty that you are indeed special and unique.

We never give up: They raped her; she survived. They threw acid on her face; she survived. They scuffled her hands in a child’s marriage; she survived. Even her death brought panic to her attackors. They locked her for years; she survived. And not only she survived, she set an worthy example for fellow women. Don’t give up. If you are ever feeling low in life; look for examples. There is never any scarcity of Woman’s survivors in any parts of the world.

We follow our own path: There is nothing called ‘she can’t do it’. A single mother turned a powerful blogger, a doctor turned Pilates Instructor, a teacher cum vocational trainer cum special educator, an engineer cum author, an actor cum pilot, a homemaker cum baker/ entrepreneur ; the list is never-ending. Because a Woman’s passion knows no boundary. If you know, you can do it.


We are Dynamic: One moment we are proficient homemaker and the other moment we can brilliant transform into a working professional. We are impeccable in all the life’s roles be it someone’s wife, daughter, sister, mother, daughter-in law. Am I missing out something, add it!

We multi-tasks: Our platter is vivid, large and frustrating but we never leave it unfinished. We know how it finish it from Tip to Toes no matter how tired we are. Have you ever heard a guy sleeping for only 3 hours in-straight for 2-3 years and not complaining? We know how to jump between meals, laundry, cleaning, managing kids, home, work, shopping, etc, etc.

And still look good, feel good and remain gentle


We evolve options: Honestly there are so many for Women: Kittens, Pumps, Stilettos, Ankle Straps, Wedges, Flats, Cone heels and so on; and we know how to discover new options. Salwars, Sarees, Pallazos, Jeans, Pants, Hot pants, Skirts, Minis, Maxis, Jumpsuits; see the list is endless. Guys you really think you have a say in this?

We define beauty: Men may be smart or handsome but we Women are wholesome foods of beauty. We not only reflects shades of fair, whitish, olive but also encapsulates flavors of different curves, soft lines, body mist enough to give any guy a tough time. And why not, female bodies are amazing. Google it and a thousand lives will fall short to know more about it.

Need more inspiration about Self-Love- Check this out


We Forgive:  She wears Shorts, he assumes it as an invitation. She has a drink at the party, he tries to force himself. She excels in the office presentation, they slander about her relationships with the boss. But she doesn’t care , she doesn’t give a shit; she actually forgives such people for their belittle thinking.

A strong woman keeps going on like she has never been hurt, despite having been

We Wanna Wanna Have Fun: And that’s the reason we don’t believe in  “Boy being Boys”, sort of things. We as a Woman just want to live every piece of life without proving our dominance. We don’t want any extra treatment, we just want to enjoy our piece of fun.

And still many people argue that it’s so easy to be a Woman.

Why do a Woman needs any extra treatment like a full-fledged International Women’s Day;  isn’t the rest 364 days enough for her?

Well there is nothing to mock about us nor we need any extra leverage. And if thou have still doubt on the basics of “EQUALITY”; it’s time for a reality check!

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This post is a part of #WomensDayBlogParty. I’d like to thank Sonam for introducing me. Sonam Jain, a mother of a toddler, is a homemaker and a food artist. She took up blogging to help moms of fussy eaters to get their kids love food. Her platters are whimsical, colorful and healthy. Read her post for this blog party here The Magic Platter.

Also, do visit my friend Deepali’s blog post on MyTeenyTot to read her perspective on the topic

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