Pregnancy with the Toddler – Third Trimester 

I have finally come out of the pregnancy phase and what I’m left with are plenty of memories and experiences.. Before I begin to write about my second innings, let me take you to my last trimester snippets.

Well this phase wasn’t easy on the contrary of what I had expected. This is the time when the body weight shoots highly along with all the possible complications during the 8th month and the uncertainties of the the last month. And guess what – amidst all this you have to deal with your terrible two’s child. 

So while the gyne advised me to check atleast 10 fetal movements a day, I lost my count on the numbers. While everyone advised me to avoid bending down, not carry the child, take adequate rest, stop going out, rest, get pampering ; everything happened in the opposite direction for me. 

As my sleep cravings enlarged, her’s got diminished . As my food cravings multiplied, her fussy habits literally flabbergasted my mood swings. And I still can’t believe that my blood pressure remained poised wrt my accelerating temperament while handling my girl. 

I wasn’t lucky enough on the maid part as well. My cleaning maid ditched me in the 8th month, I contacted numerous agencies for a full time maid only to have one at home who literally fainted in my kitchen (her strategy to run away) within 15 minutes of being hired. All these things determined my self-realization that I have to be on my own. Nobody else except myself can only help me. And thankfully I had really some good people around me and ofcourse my loving partner (except the fact that during these 9 months he hadn’t taken any half day, full or even a short leave for me). 

But yes there were many voices hovering around  too

 “You’re still here in the park , not in the hospital”?? (Notion: you have grown so large) 

” Why you got pregnant so early”? (Notion: apprehensive about planned or unplanned pregnancy) 

“This is such an easy thing, raising two small children together” (Notion : being judgemental again) 

But despite of all these tittle-tattles, your pains, uffs, ouchs, stomach aches, back issues, weight gain and blah blah blah; this is indeed a golden period for every expecting Mum. Day by day you come a step closer to your little life, so better to hear less from your ears and more from your heart. 
So let take me you to few steps that I followed during this crucial phase of my life:

1.Increase your child play dates. Yes this is utmost important no matter how much tired you feel. It’s better that a fussy toddler spends her maximum energy outside your aura. As your D-day nears, in emergency you may have to leave your child to her friend’s place as well so better be ready for it. 

2. Make a list of what your child likes to eat and drink, what time you give her a bath, or change her clothes, when and how you give her milk or fruits to eat, etc. 

3. Re-assemble her toys and books. Remove the ones that she won’t be needing more (to avoid confusion) and order few new toys and books as periodical surprise for her that the other family member can introduce to her while you will be  in the hospital. 

4. Order/buy more clothes , stock diapers/wipes and toiletries in advance for the first child. While you are away, you shouldn’t be worrying about whether her thermals are dry or if she has enough bottoms to change. Your Delivery can actually make everyone in the house a little busy and you need to ensure that there is no compromise on your first child’s comfort. 

5. You should have someone to take care of your child atleast by 37th week. Loose your child and observe how is she gelling up in your absence. You may feel guilty or your child may cry for your arms but try to be firm, you can’t escape from this fact that you are gonna be away from her for at least 2-3 nights. 

6. Love, love and love your toddler alot, atleast she should never feel left alone. 

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