Little secrets for a Healthy Relationship..


Wow, Fabulous February is here and like every year I have certain reasons to cherish this month. Not only I got married this month but also bears the date when we both recognized our love for each other ( and to tell you that wasn’t the Valentines Day) and nor we proposed each other this month; the entire happening was the realization of our feelings for each other and seriously 11 years have passed since then but nothing has changed!

Year 2017, now the Parents of a 2 year old girl

But before you type “Wow, you have such a perfect life” kind of comments in the section below, let me tell you that our life is not a fairytale ; well I have seen nobody living a fairytale life. Life has been always simpler, sober and experimental to everyone; it’s the feelings that can turn a life alive and going.

One of the snippet from our secret 20’s tryst ( Ours was a long distance relationship)

Have a look at the lines below:

“Relationships may show colour variations, loose threads, tiny slubs, snags or unevenness that are characteristic of human nature. These variations should in no way be considered flaws or defects as they do not affect the functionality of a steady relationship. It is the nature of a good relationship and these imperfections highlight its natural beauty and uniqueness.”

Do you believe in what’s written above? If I tell you that I have copied these lines from one of the most popular baby product’s website quoting about their product’s quality and guarantee, then?

I mean we can believe in a product’s authenticity but not in a relationship’s longevity, are wen’t partial here? With time, any healthy relationships can exhibit variation in the roles expectations but the essence remains always same, “LOVE”.

Our engagement day_2011


I’m not a love guru but still I have few suggestions that you might find interesting to read through:

  • Don’t compare your relationship with other couples: Take the positivity but don’t envy at the 200 likes on a friend’s insta or fb post. You don’t need regular hangouts, happy selfies to prove anyone that you guys love each other. I honestly dis-believe in #couplegoals. Seriously you are the one exclusive pair.


  • Keep balance of expectations and gifts/surprises: We all love gifts, pampering, surprises, appreciation, admiration but what if you don’t receive it at every occasion? I know Men mock about how a woman remembers every day: first date, proposal day, first kiss day, engagement day, anniversary day and 7 days of valentine but seriously what will you do if your guys miss out something and didn’t planned it the way you wanted to? Leave the social media and peer pressure aside; often things don’t happen the way we want to and that’s why I said, life is not a fairytale. ( I forgot to mention birthday also, see Woman can also forget the occasion!! 

I will tell you my side of expectations, well I don’t prefer flower bouquet and cake at every occassion but my partner prefers it most ( remember: last min resort). But what to do? I try to feel content about the fact that atleast he did something for me.  I want to further encourage rather hurting his feelings.

  • Keep yourself busy: Yes, nowadays life has become really fast. My partner leaves in the morning and only come around 8 or 9 pm and then again he remains on office calls or mails. Often he scrolls his phone with an excuse that he also needs some time to unwind. What should I do in that case? Well I try to keep myself busy not just with the baby chores but things like blogging, reading good books, some DIYs, good music, freelancing, fitness and so on.. And if you both are working then you better need to put off your phone together.


  • Don’t hide your feelings: That makes a relationship trustworthy. Yes nobody can love like a woman but we are also best at hiding our feelings. If you feel bad about something speak up, don’t think that other person will not understand you; it’s necessary for the better half to listen you. I can’t sleep at all if I don’t share my partner the things that has hurt me.

Remember you won’t get another birth to settle your disputes!

  • Touch and feel each other: Intimacy is the art of making your partner feel understood and accepted. It’s necessary to hold hands, lay your face over his shoulders, look into his eyes and express your love. You remember that “Jadoo ki Jhappi“; that’s true. Sometimes you need not to say any words just one touch can heal the things.

    Quite often this has happened with us, when we disagree to any situation and constantly nag; then there comes a point when we no longer feel to talk to each other. Later on for the patch-up, either one of us hugs each other and prefer to speak nothing. Ice-breaking: who will spread arms first??

  • You make up the right way: Please ensure that you are not in a complaining mode always; imagine yourself in place of him/her , in that way you can also feel irritated in that sense. Marriage is a lifelong journey and emotional connect is utmost fuel to keep it alive.
Our Hide and Seek days:) But anything for LOVE

For a wonderful recipe we need all the spices, little sweet, little bitter and little salty.. In-toto life needs all the flavors for a healthy,happy and long run

Love is a beautiful feeling, thousands of poets and authors have described this feeling in their words but still there is so much to explore!


Those who say that their love has disappeared post marriage must realize that love always remains; you just need to keep it ignited:) I know too much philosophy but do try out something on this Valentine and make it a little special not only for the partner but your own sake.. You will surely feel happy:)

And I will be happy to know your Valentine plans as I haven’t planned anything yet, any tips please?


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16 thoughts on “Little secrets for a Healthy Relationship..

  1. I could relate and agree to most of the above said points by you. I have personally experienced – keeping busy helped me get back to a more loving me towards him. After having a baby I always felt he was busy but when I got myself busy things cluttered in mind cleared and I was happy.


  2. I totally loved each point of yours. Specially the first one. There should not be any #couplegoals. You are one exclusive couple. Wow! Never thought of it that way. Thank you. And I do hope that you end up doing something on V day.


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  4. Not hiding feeling is very important. We often feel that what will s(he) think if I will express. This might affect our relationship, disturb the eace. Bu the truth is by not saying it we are compromising. And then sometime down the line, it comes out in a wrong manner. Communication is very important is any kind of relationship


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