Preparing the Toddler for the Baby No.2

It’s going to be fun and  that will be an easy journey because the age gap between the two is approximately two!!

Yes I have been hearing these phrases a lot these days, but those who are actually the Mums of two (with age group ~2) can actually relate to the dilemma that I’m going to face in the upcoming days. Finally my ninth month with Baby No. 2 has begun and with each passing moment, my anxieties are growing. I have discussed about it in my previous posts that how much nervous I’m. My girl is a bit of handful and from day 1 I have been around her like an inseparable soul. There is hardly any space between two of us, and with second baby things are going to turn crazy. Needless to say, I am flummoxed.

Have you heard about pregnancy blues and hormones changes??

I’m sure you must have but do you know small child also face such blues before arrival of another tiny-miny member in the family??

These days be it a small nap, going out, taking a bath, feeding, talking, playing, crying; my girl only asks for her Mumma (Poor me!). I knew these things will surely happen but I suggest you take a visit at my place to encounter the real intensity of her witty demands; every time she wants to prove she is my sole proprietor. So I’m doing every bit of my homework for the arrival of a new sibling; with a positive hope that things will slightly be better for me as I will become Mum of two!

I have shared few things that I do religiously right from the time we declared the news of pregnancy with her:

  • Talk: ‘Little baby inside Mumma’s tummy’, we started to refer my tummy like that indicating that something alive has begun to grow inside. I know she is too small to understand the things and this won’t be save me from her punches but I can feel there are some positive differences.
  • Engage: I made it a point to engage her in whatever I can; I regularly take her to the gyne visits, ultrasounds checks. There have been incidences when she got panicked to watch me lying under the strange diagnosis and cried too but she has got the idea that something is happening inside Mum’s body. So when I say to her that ‘Mumma is feeling tired, little baby is kicking Mumma inside’; she supports me like 20-30%
  • Use Books as a strong communication tool: Books have turned out to be a big savior for me, thankfully my girl likes to read book and enjoy when we narrate real incidences to her. Recently  I got her this famous book (My New Baby) by Rachel Fuller and we can easily notice her turning the pages on her and identifying the different activities. 

Honestly I can say that books do have a big impact on shaping the child’s mind.

When words fall short, books have bigger picture to potray.

  • Shopping for Baby: Whenever a courier gets delivered at home, she assumes it’s for her and that’s not her fault because as parents we tend to buy a lot for our child, be it books, clothes, shoes, toys or even diapers. It’s necessary for the current child to realize that things will change soon and not everything that will come at home will be for her. So I began with taking out her old clothes from the trunk and giving constant messages that


‘Little baby will have your stuff because they are little for you now, we need little clothes for the little baby’

. Yes she does understand a bit! Last week I went for a sale and got some stuff for her as well for the upcoming one and back at home, she actually identified herself which clothes I got for her and the little baby. Feeling positive..

  • You were a little baby once, Too: I frequently say to her that very soon little baby will pop out from Mumma’s tummy the way you popped out 2 years back. And she is so good at enacting the same thing,

‘Little baby will pop out and will cry like “uaan uaan”, and then will have Mumma’s boobo’ 

  • Quality time with friends: In the old era of joint family, a child or her expectant Mum were never alone. There used to be someone always to pamper or engage the little one while Mumma could have some free time, luckily. With the nuclear setup things have changed a lot; everybody appears so busy and content on their own. My girl has 2-3 friends within our society and no matter how tired I’m, I still try to make her meet them every day.

These days I have actually increased the frequency of her play dates with my pertinent presence and involvement so that when the time comes, she has something to remain engaged with..

  • Gift exchange: So this is what I have found on the multiple searches that once the second baby is born there should be gift exchanges from both the sides; I guess it’s the beginning of a good bargain. Well I haven’t decided much about it but still a good thing to try. And probably this is how everything begins, once the baby is born, Mum bribes her through love and bf and the story never ends there; what do you think??

May be when the D-Day will come, things will turn out dramatically in my favor or not in my favor. We don’t know how these beautiful creations of the almighty God are going to behave in different situtations; we can only try and reinforce positivity in their surroundings. I really don’t know what the future holds for me and yes I have enough dose of frustrations and challenges but still when even a tiniest change bring a hope for me; that feels great!

I would love to hear your suggestions that have helped in your pregnancy journeys, let’s share!

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