Love without Compromise, A perfect natural range for Expectant and New Mommies..

The greatest gift of life is life itself…  These lines are so true but we seldom (especially once we become a mother) apply this philosophy…

As a Mom of 2 year old girl and preggo with second one, life has become a daily juggle for me.. Un-planned schedules, errands, household chores and pertinent attention towards my girl eats up my whole day.. I hardly have any time to ponder about what’s best for me… And even before the parenting phase I had been working full-time and preferred to switch from one product to another in pursuit of the best one.. For my choices I mostly rely upon what others tell me from their experiences but recently I got to experience @themomsco that offer exactly the products I was looking for..


I felt gratified at the first sight of the products with a hand-written note by founder Malika and have been using them from past few weeks now.

You will find me rarely advertising any products because I believe in sharing what I actually use for myself or my child. Thankfully @themosco products didn’t disappoint me and thus I’m very happy to share their range of #momessentials.


  • Natural Protein Shampoo: combination of Gentle, Low-Lathering Coconut-Based Cleansers to clean your hair, while Natural Proteins from Wheat and Silk strengthen, moisturize and help reduce the damage caused by harsh chemicals and pollution. ( Mind you maximum shampoos available in the market are full of sulphates and lack proteins)
  • Natural Protein Conditioner: combination of Argan Oil, Natural Proteins, Murumuru Seed Butter, Beetroot Extract and Vitamins repair and deeply moisturize your hair, leaving it soft and smooth.
  • Natural Calming Wash: Gentle, Coconut-Based Cleansers that clean, while Natural moisturizers and Pro Vitamin B5 leave you skin feeling smooth and nourished. Our unique blend of Patchouli and Lavender Essential Oil helps relieve stress, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed
  • Natural Body Lotion: Shea Butter and oils like Rosehip, Organic Chamomile and Organic Jojoba that provide deep nourishment for your overworked body.
  • Natural Body Butter: Cocoa and Shea butter with moisturizing oils that increase your skin’s natural elasticity


Like any mother I had fair share of pregnancy blues, gaining almost 24 kilos with acute stretch marks my journey had tough marks on my overall body. Itchy loose skin, dryness, hair fall, anxiety, rough patches; I had it all. As a Mom we need good range of products that can cater to all our issues and help us in sailing smooth.

And the best part of themomsco products:

  • They have complete range for expectant Moms and new-Mommies overworked body
  • All the products are 100% natural , Australia certified toxin free
  • Products have a calming effect on the body, exactly what you need at this point of time
  • No side-effect and visible differences

IMG_20171216_215416_464 (1)

I’m looking forward to @themomsco Natural Nipple Butter now as its one of the unique product available to soothe sore and cracked nipples. It’s completely safe because it contains no Lanolin and Fragrance; hence completely safe for breastfeeding Mommies like me.

To know more about their complete range, click here...

Often it’s difficult to understand what your skin actually demands especially when you become a Mother or pregnant.. We hardly get the right advices and miss out to use the right products only to regret later.. And I don’t want to repent now… Atleast second pregnancy has made me learn one important thing- your life is very crucial and there is only one life to live.. 

I’m a firm believer of using natural products as they can be continued till long in the life. Those who don’t wish to compromise on quality must go for @themomsco products. Made with love, animal-testing free, natural ingredients, allergy and dermatologically certified and affordable range- what else you want??


Buy products here and read the reviews yourself

To all the lovely Mommies and expecting ones I really want to say one thing- ‘ give priority to your life’.  If you will be happy, you can earn that comfort and satisfaction while nurturing the little one’s life.. So pamper yourself, buy good products, listen to your favorite music, stay in good company and love yourself..


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