Babymoon during  the second pregnancy- why is it really important?? 

Decision of having a second child is a big change. As a new parents you tend to shower all the love on your first child and you believe that it’s impossible to allocate love for anyone else. But as you commence for the second bundle of joy, its essential to out of that bound aura and  and talk about new hopes and dreams for having 2 kids at home –– and for each other as parent

So the idea of BAbymoon hit me this time and I really wanted to plan for a little escape. During my first pregnancy I had no time to think about any babymoon or anyother extravaganza; firstly I had been working full-time and had enough travel already to think about traveling even  an extra mile. Secondly I never felt so tired to look for an escape but with the second pregnancy, both the equations have changed for me.


Pregnancy while managing the toddler is no joke and before I get loaded with my second innings, I actually wished for an outing. Though Babymoon is a hot and trending topic preferred by urban soon-to-be-parents; mostly during the second trimester and in-general couples look for a fun and thrilled destination; I always look for solace.. A place where I can settle with my wavy thoughts, emotions and love for a while. And irrespective of what people preassume about ‘Babymoon’ , let me clear you that ain’t need to be luxurious, splendid, glamorous or expensive; it just means to be what you actually look for (here you means an expective Mother :P)


Thanks to my gynae, I had limited choices from Delhi-NCR and a last minute planning can also hit your pockets; so finally zeroed for Kasauli ( ).  The nearest railhead from Kasauli is Kalka, 40 km away. We opted to travel through train as it took us only 4.5 hours from Delhi Railway station and was convenient option rather risk to stuck in the traffic.

We had booked our accomodation directly through “V” are Family that offered us beautiful Wind Chimes Villa situated on pine forested mini ridge far away from the city’s hustle bustle. We had the entire villa comprising of  3 beautiful bed rooms with us accompanied by a super talented home cook and house-keeping staff. The best part of this villa is no matter 2 people are staying or 8, they allot the entire place to only you..


We had fabulous 2 nights spent under the beautiful stars and amidst the coziness of beautiful homestay villa. Thankfully we had company of 2 beautiful and equally accomodating couples (friends and family) and my girl had the company of her friend to run up and down the house for 3 days..

We enjoyed barbeque straight for two nights and seriously I don’t remember the last time I had such an awesome food. We didn’t had to worry about the food stock, we just provided the tentative list of food items and everything was on the table for us.

Before you check you our pics of the warm holiday we spent there, I wish to share few tips that can help you while planning your babymoon with the child 🙂

  • Keep it simple and limited. Sorry but that’s my idea of holiday. I’m tired to see enough crowd, pompous celebrations and materialistic things around in NCR. It doesn’t mattter if I don’t see any few during my vacation.
  • Restrict yourself to travel once you reach the destination. What’s the point to walk miles on the mall road or scale the hills upside down for sightseeing with heavy babybump to handle on own?
  • Look for comfort first and luxury as a second preference. Things that you might need should be with you; that’s the priority. Honestly If you need a spa, there are better choices in NCR and even homeservices.
  • Look for homestyle arrangements so that you don’t have to run for cleaning the milk bottles, specifying for the child’s food again and again and to wait for the order you last placed an hour ago. Find a place where you can sit and relax on the sofa; read your book with your child playing around or reading her own set of books.
  • Ensure that you can engage your child at the place where you are going to stay. In our case, I had thoroughly checked the pictures to ensure that there is enough open space for her to roam around, a roof-top terrace, wide array of books, TV with kids channel, and little provision for a nearby excursion ( for a short walk).
  • Have some element of fun. Like I encouraged my hubby to click some pics from his DSLR, we played different versions of cards, and reminisced our childhood memories.
  • If you wish, you can invite your friends and family who can


In the new lifestlye that we are living in, . Seriously we as a couple were too naive to plan a babymoon during first pregnancy. We rather joked about it as I goggled this bubbling term. Anyways this time life has turned busier, faster, complex and exhausting. It’s not easy to manage pregnancy with a naughty toddler who wishes to keep you on toes 24X7.

Also you will cherish these memories that picture you and your first child. These moments are her exclusive ones, a tiny step that you have taken just for her; to be just with her.


If you too are looking for any such vacation to unwind yourself, don’t think much. Plan something nice;  tiny-cozy escape in a lovely abode.. Happy Parenting!!


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