Snippet From My Pregnancy Diaries: For The New Mothers!

Seema is pregnant with her first child. She feels tired and exhausted all the time of the day and is finding it very difficult to keep up with the household chores. She had never felt so lethargic. And to top it, her first ultrasound report has shown uterine bleeding; enough to horrify her further.  Her doctor has advised her good rest along with a healthy diet but she feels skeptical about where to start! Every time she searches something on the internet, her mind gets wobbled up with the endless information, advices and tips. She also finds it difficult to filter the half-baked advices that she regularly receives from the people around her. What can she really rely upon?

Most women (including myself) feel confused and uncomfortable during pregnancy. As a pregnant woman, your body experiences changes like never before and it definitely needs your right attention. This is the time you should create your own ‘what-to-expect’ checklist. Always remember you are pregnant, not the ones who are advising you, so you are the better judge. I have listed few excerpts from my pregnancy tales that you might find worthy to consider:

  • Trust your doctor: Learn to listen to your gynecologist and share your most of the doubts with her. Only she is the one who knows your complete medical history so talk, talk and talk to her; without any hesitation!
  • Trust your maternal instincts: You are going to be a mother soon; your womb is expanding day by day. You can feel your baby’s heart beats and you know well if you are doing things that are right for the baby. So start trusting yourself that you are going to be a great Mom.
  • Eat everything: There are lots of No’s and Don’ts but as  a pregnant mom; if you crave for something; you should eat it. Eat everything you like to but in adequate portions. That doesn’t mean that you eat raw meats & poultry and fish with high mercury levels. Be safe to avoid any risk of contamination. My advice: Always buy fresh and from reliable store that procures things hygienically.
  • Add supplements: The right vitamin supplements can be beneficial if you are not able to prepare healthy meals regularly. Supplements do not replace a healthy diet, but rather ensure that a woman is receiving enough daily nutrients.
  • Few shortcuts are not bad either: Sometimes we don’t get time to cut fruits and eat; have a glass of juice then. If your taste buds urge heavily for Chinese food, munching few bits of noodles served without Ajinomoto is not a crime. I still remember how much my sister used to crave for chili potatoes during her pregnancy and my sister-in-law loved her craving for pizzas during her time. So a glass of readymade soup; no harm ladies!
  • No shilly-shally about having rest: Lady, your body is going to add kilos every month. It will surely expand, your breathing will turn heavy and blood pressure will drop and rise like the sea-waves; so you surely need enough rest. Those who say, ‘always remain active’, ‘avoid any break’, ‘don’t stop’, please steer clear of those people.  Their advices will not help you but the amount of rest your body will have now; is only going to help you in the laboring days ahead.

Well lovely ladies, don’t make your lives a race. Let it be fun, memorable and worth enjoying. Every pregnant woman’s body and her circumstances are different. Comparisons are not going to help you but if you will your focus on early nutrition, balanced life and positive thinking, it will help you in the long run. So break the myths and take the right step meant for you! Happy Pregnancy!

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