When you have a fight with your partner..and He Just Doesn’t Understand

When everybody is asleep, Shikha quietly come out of the room and sit on the sofa in the living room. She keeps staring the empty chalice placed on the dining table and begins to weave endless thoughts about its similarity with her life. As she looks upon the wall clock, it is already half past twelve. Still distressed she gets up and moves out in the balcony. There are cars speeding up on the highway visible to her eyes far away, and their lights penetrating the night’s silence and dark loom. There is a little breeze in the air that occurred post a sudden shower in the late evening and with the better visibility she can see the far flung apartments, their shut off lights and this further increases her apprehension about her loneliness.  She feels as if she is only one being left alone in this bustling crowd alongwith her pains and there is nobody to salvage her. Suddenly she senses a thump on the balcony door and promptly she assumes as if somebody standing behind her. With a fear and yet hope that Sourabh has come to console her finally, she hesitantly turns back but there is no one, only her and her gaudy hopes.

She comes back inside and soon realizes that it’s already 2 o’clock. She drinks a glass of water and returns to the bedroom to find her daughter sleeping on the edge of the bed. She quickly pushes her over the center of the bed, corrects her blanket and increases the AC speed. She is still in no mood to sleep, her eyes till gloomy. But she is aware that somehow she has to manage the sleep, she can’t let Sourabh go without the breakfast. And Sourabh is snoozing and snoring and no way will he get up to console her at this time. Shikha takes a little more time to accept the truth of the night and unconsciously surrenders herself to rest.

In the morning, she wakes up hurriedly and goes to the kitchen. As the clock displays 8, she knows that she doesn’t have much time. She quickly boils Masala Oats in the pan and starts to peel the mango taken out from the fridge. ‘Oats, soaked almonds and Mango shake, not a bad combination’, she thinks in her mind as she sees Sourabh approaching towards her. Gently he kisses in her forehead as his morning ritual. “Sorry, I didn’t wake you up intentionally. I think you fall asleep quite late”, he said as he stares in her eyes. “You should try to sleep a little early instead of checking your phone and writing stuff”, he adds before moving away for the Pooja. Shikha doesn’t know what to reply to him. But she wonders how he can miss her melancholy about the conversations they had last night.

As Sourabh is ready to go, he finally notices the tension in Shikha’s eyes. He smiles gently and places his hands on her shoulder. “Hey Baby, I hope you are still not thinking about yesterday’s topic. I was joking and never meant to hurt you. I think I can say you few things like you also do and everything is ok, right”.

“Yes, I’m fine”, Shikha says and looks up in his eyes. “That’s great, Chalo see you in the evening, and I will try to come a little early today.” Sourabh moves out of the apartment before he kisses her back again.

As she about to sit again on the sofa and give that empty chalice the second chance, her little daughter emerges from the bedroom and rushes towards her lap. She takes the baby in her arms and kisses her gently; again and again. She loves the way when she says” Mumma, Mumma” as the first thing in the morning.

Within few minutes, everything gets changed and she realizes that she has no time to ponder about her past and unexpectedly she feels gratified.


This is not just the story about Shikha and Sourabh, it can be about me, you or anybody else. It’s not about a working or non-working couple but about everybody juggles in a couple’s life. May be we all can relate to this piece at some point of our life, not every day is a flowery day. There are days when we feel left out and fail to understand each other. Unbeknownst to our partner, we spend our days in sorrows and pain, and to our surprise they never realize it sometimes and the world go on!

What you want: His attention

What you say: “You never listen to me.

What he hears: You never listen to me.

Before you judge your opinions about the guy here, let me tell you; you don’t know what exactly has happened between the two. It might be just a healthy dialogue where the lady felt bad and the guy anticipated that all it happened was a regular talk between them with pinch of laugh and fun. In reality, we all pass through many situations like these. So what to do, how to get over with such situations?

Well I will say talk about it, speak it. Like a week back I went through a similar incident and my lovely man didn’t even realize it. But it was important for me to tell him how it has affected me even if he took that as a trifling rationality… Or maybe, he might have a valid point for me to take it as a lesson.

Always remember ladies, ‘silence is not the key and nor is the fight’.

I will be more than happy to read your opinions…



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