First International flight experience with my toddler 

For a Mother,  her child’s first timers are like achieving a milestone,  have to be carefully planned and well executed.  It may sound easy: first bath, first outing, first meal, first flight but as a Mother we know how much it all matters for our lifelong memories.  I have traveled quite a while with my baby in the country but an international one meant to be a long journey, managing moods, cries, rest, sleep, entertainment, food and comfort so undoubtedly on the backdrop, I actually had to indulge my endless hours for the perfect planning.  

I have traveled quite a while with my baby in the country but an international one meant to be a long journey, managing moods, cries, rest, sleep, entertainment, food and comfort so undoubtedly on the backdrop, I actually had to invest alot of my endless hours.

OK, these are not the only important things one must check. If the child is below  2 years of age and there is no extra seat bought for her(optional), you should always look for the bassinet seats.  Since we traveled during a no hush-hush season I was hoping to get those seats without any additional fees which means that I  only booked them 48 hours before our departure ( thankfully I turned out to be lucky) But you must call the airline in advance and if you decide for the bassinet seat, you should make an advance reservation paying an extra money.  After all its about the comfort in a long journey and even if your baby will not sleep in the bassinet, you will have extra leg space to let your baby feel comfort around.  In my case, my girl only slept for 1.5 hours in it but even that was blessing for my painful legs. 

On the contrary while on our return journey, the bassinet was too small (same airline) that she didn’t fit in. But still we got that extra space and since the flight wasn’t completely full, I lifted up the armrest to enhance her sleeping space on the seats.

Now talking about other main thing: food.  Her I really wish to speak loudly that don’t rely on the airline.  They can provide you juice or cookie,  munchies but not the kind of food that our fussy Devils like to eat. I couldn’t figure out the tin food that the air hostess gave to me ( though it looked good but it was written in the German language) and my girl didn’t had even  a bite of it and neither she tried the food I got to eat.

Solution: Do carry food for the baby in her diaper bag and don’t hesitate to ask flight attendant for support.

Another option is to buy from the airport once you are done with the security and immigration check.  There are plenty of options at the major terminals or at least you can roam around and buy something fresh or  ‘fruitful’. My tip: there is no harm if they eat a little packed food or those ‘sugar munchies’ for a night..

I understand that airports are big and its a task to scale one gate to another so if you have a stroller,  don’t hesitate to carry it with you.. Even if your baby sits on it for 50% of the total time, you can use it to keep your hand baggage in it for rest of the period. So do

  • Check with the airline if you can take the stroller till the flight’s entrance (in most the cases, yes you can).
  • If your stroller is a two-piece built, you can use the seat in the plane too
  • If you are not carrying any stroller,  major airport has strollers facility, so check in prior for your ease and comfort..
  • Always check if you have to collect your luggage in between the connecting flight. You never know when the airlines may change their plans but in general you don’t need to collect for the same airline.
  • Have a basic know how of the airport where you will be landing or for the layover. During layover, you can always take your child to the play area where they can be kept busy amidst other  little devils.

I will again highlight the main things should carry on the baby’s diaper bag and your cabin baggage :

  • 1-2 complete set  of clothes including top, vest, bottom, socks and lots of towel. And better have a pair for yourself too incase the baby vomits on you.
  • Atleast a pair of woollen(can be thin or thick in size) and one light blanket or your stole.
  • 2 pair of milk bottles, extra nipples, milk powder, measured cerelac or baby food in air tight box, warm water bottle, snacks, cookies, chocolates, juice, chips or whatever you think can rescue you.
  • Medicines : I’m really not sure about whether you should carry these in the cabin baggage apart from stocking these in the check in luggage. However if you need them in the plane then you must carry tiny stock with the proper doctor’s prescription.
  • Distractions : carry a book, baby rhymes in your tab or phone,  small 1-2 toys or her favorite stuff toy or doll.
  • Diapers, Always keep 1-2 extra with wipes,  sanitizer and the changing mat.

Before this trip,  I had scanned hundreds of blogs and articles about a happy flight journey with the baby. After the trip I have realized that it ain’t necessarily be a happy one but should be able to managed without any big issues. So I hope when you read my blog,  you got to plan a little bit better than before,  happy traveling 🙂

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