Plitvice lakes with small children 

If you are planning for Croatia trip this season,  there is certainly one trip that you should not miss otherwise you end up regretting later. Imagine walking on the wooden trails in a wallpaper setup environment. The sceneries you have always watched on your laptop screen but never got the opportunity to feel it in real. Undiluted, vast and calm. Before being there, I have also read some opposite  reviews about this place but yes if you are entering the park to walk in a long queue with scorching sun maximizing its heat waves on your head, what else can you expect??

Most importantly my blog talks about Plitvice Lakes tour with the small children so I will begin with first things first.

When to go??

We have been there recently in April and thankfully despite of rain speculations, it turned out to be a perfect weather with bright sunshine and clouds clusters in the late afternoon. I can’t imagine anytime better than April month when its less crowdy, spring time and a heavy flush of water in the lakes…

But whichever month you arrive there, that place willnot disappoint you.. You wil surely witness different colors and vibes. Just one thing, avoid the morning 9-10 AM time as this is the time when most of the big groups checked in and it’s not wise to walk slowly behind them and then end your journey nowhere. So better arrive there around 12 PM and stay comfortably for 6-7 hours.

Should we bring baby strollers or buggy rides:

If you intend to slope down half a kilometer on a concrete land and make some clicks of the initial waterfalls to go back, then certainly you should carry those rides else not. After all you are paying a good amount for the entry ticket and you must plan to stay for few hours in the lush flora and fauna if not the whole day.  So what is the best alternative: well carry your child on a carrier or tie them..

IMG_20170407_163004  DSC_1160

My girl is a toddler now and there was no way I could leave her free even for a minute!! And trust me whichever route you choose, children will get tired soon if they decide to walk on their own.. The routes are nicely built but are slightly muddy, slippery or stoney at few points. Also children should atleast be 5 year old for you to expect them walk on their own.

Which route to select?? 

Plitvice park is designed to cater all: proficient, intermediate and beginner walkers like me.. There are ~3 entrances to the park and while one ascends first with a slope afterwards, the other entrances are built similarly or differently. Don’t get confused with a number of A to H routes marked in the board there, think first. Some say that C and H are the same routes starting from the opposite sides and doable with small children but I think you need to take care more about the 3 entrances and the stations. Also better decide whether to first step down or up. We knew with small children we might not be able to walk much but we were lucky enough to trail more than 10kms that day.


We started at the entrance 3 and walked upwards with the view of big Veliki waterfalls and trekked till the station 1. Then we changed 2 buses (station 1 to 2, station 2 to 3) and again started our journey from the Station No 3  to reach the ferry at P2 for entrance 3; the point from where we had begun.

One of the ferry to transport visitors from P1, P2 to P3. The last one starts at 6 PM during the April month..

Best is you do an analysis before and consult with the local host where you are staying.. And to tell you bus and ferry cost is all included in the lake entry ticket, so no need to pay extra and it actually comforts your journey to provide good moments of relaxation.

What to eat?? 

Honestly I started to feel homesick right after my second day in Croatia.  A vegetarian Indian with no understanding of local croatian cuisine, but if you are acquainted with the croatian or western cusine then it’s well and good. You have options available at all the three stations 1,2,3 at a slightly higher price but still I suggest you to carry light snacks and food. I still can’t forget the luxury of 2 cuppa noodles we had while we sat on an old wooden bench amidst the blooming lilies of the spring on that sunny afternoon.

IMG_20170407_144631.jpgAll we carried was boiling water, chips, chocolates, mineral water, and 2 packs of maggi. All the eateries remain opened till 6pm or so and you can easily barge on a cup of cappuccino.

where to Stay??

This is really a big question to be planned in advance. As we begun our journey from Zagreb, we took the bus to plitvice and dropped our luggage in a B&B situated 500 metres from the entrance 3. Some people make day trips to the park and return back to Zagreb and some prefer to stay inside the park so as to visit the park whenever they wish to. But the options inside the park seem to be very limited and its little stressful to depart back to Zagreb when the bus options are limited, so my suggestion: stay for a night.

Our nest for a night, amidst the nature and peaceful world..

Even if you have to travel south towards Zadar or Split; a night hault is good to relax your muscles after a long tiring day. Next day we had to continue our journey to the next stop, Split.

What to Carry for the small children:

Well the list is endless, but this is what we carried for our toddler:

  • 2 water bottles, formula milk powder, boiling water
  • Some chips, chocolates, juices
  • Diaper, Wipes, Sanitizer and a changing Mat
  • 1 set of clothes, 1 woollen cap and 1 raincoat
  • Baby Carrier, towel

Initially I was skeptical about how I will be able to walk on those narrow wooden pathaways and what If someone hits me from behind and I fell in the water; I was really scared. But since I have experienced it, I can proudly say that its good to go.

IMG_20170407_151441.jpg DSC_1124.JPG

Your baby will see cute ducks floating in the water and will astonish to the humming sounds of the flowing water, they will love this place. No need to worry, just go and enjoy your trip:)

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5 thoughts on “Plitvice lakes with small children 

  1. hello arti please give me su . we are suggestions of places to stay and eat as im a vegetarian and worried and going with my son of 6. we are going to the park, zadar split and dubrovik


      1. Hi Nilpa, We had carried multiple ‘ready to eat’ packets while we travelled to Croatia like Noodles, Oats, Pancakes powder, Ragi powder, Daliya, Semolina, etc to cover up our meals incase veg food is not available. Also we had booked all our accommodations through Airbnb and that helped us to cook whatever we like to in the kitchen. We booked our accommodations in the midst of the town and often bought pasta and sauce with onions and vegetables to cook a simple pasta dish for our girl. Rest we bought milk packets and snacks mid-way so food was never a problem on our trip. Eatery options in Plitvice are limited so check with your host in prior to prepare veg dish for you ( which they will happily do). Zadar is also a big place so you will find many options there. You will not face any problem in Dubrovnik bcoz its a global destination and in-total Croatian ppl are very friendly.

        I have given the references of places that we booked for Plitvica, Dubrovnik, and Zadar

        Plitvica Stay
        B&B Plitvica Lodge
        Plitvica selo 71/3, 53231 Plitvica selo, Croatia
        (Phone: +385914567098);sid=06b8c3fb55e3a7552c5ce3aefb15f8dc;ucfs=1;srpvid=15195c463fe503aa;srepoch=1524834444;room1=A%2CA;hpos=6;hapos=6;dest_type=region;dest_id=2627;srfid=a62926ca0672856d3cca2c9e151da1043a685257X6;from=searchresults;highlight_room=#hotelTmpl

        Đorđićeva ulica 3 Đorđićeva 3, 2nd floor
        Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik-Neretva County 20000
        Igor: +385 91 794 6610

        Apartments & Rooms Kolovare Beach
        Bože Peričića 4, 23000 Zadar, Croatia
        (Phone: +385997722001;sid=06b8c3fb55e3a7552c5ce3aefb15f8dc;ucfs=1;srpvid=90615c98546c059e;srepoch=1524834610;room1=A%2CA;hpos=1;hapos=1;dest_type=city;dest_id=-101499;srfid=ff57c28cfd1b8318a3cbb0dcba003993aa34408dX1;from=searchresults;highlight_room=#hotelTmpl

        Let me know if you need any additional help


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