A short trip to Jaipur with the child… 

This was my first visit to Jaipur and managing my baby’s chores day and night, I actually wanted  some cooling off period. I was doubtful about the weather but everything went smooth even  with the bustling crowd. And as the windy waves have re-entered the region again , there is still some time left to plan a short getaway to the pink city. So don’t just think, plan!! 

Amer Fort, amazing palace not to be missed

That was our fifth marriage anniversary and I wanted to make it a little special. So after a secret cupcake cutting ceremony at the midnight and exchange of a rose bouquet (5 in count to be precise), we dumped our luggage in the car trunk and got ready steady go.. Honestly we wanted to go either Jaisalmer or Jodhpur but they are a bit far from Gurgaon( and flights were incessantly pricey) so we decided to make it to Jaipur this time…

Nonetheless our drive was smooth with few periodic stoppages.  I couldn’t controlled my laugh reading  about the pertinent restaurant posters of some king, queen, prince typee restaurants 🙂 but trust there are good places to stop by. Jaipur is a very big city and caters to all type of visitors. Some look for lavish resorts to just laze around the pool away from the city bustles,  but I wanted a place closer to the main city and shopping market (was craving to buy from Jaipur).  Unfortunately due to some strange technical reasons, the hotel guys where we had booked failed to find our booking records and reflected their clown faces in reply.  My parents who were traveling with us were very tired, so in a hush-hush we booked another hotel and this time we finally got decent rooms to throw our soul on their cozy beds.

Our comfortable stay for 2 nights at Park Prime

So after a quick nap we started our leisure trip on a lighter note. We went to famous Birla Temple in the evening and later on to Raja Park which is famous for street foods. Your Jaipur is incomplete if you haven’t tasted the street food there; yummilicious paav bhaaji, chole kulcha and tikki..and I’m adding my tea here.. Honestly when I’m traveling I become fond of local tea and like to relish it more n more… 


Post that we went to watch movie in the famous Raj Mandir at 9:30pm…I had heard a lot about it but it only led to my disappointment. We are not used to listen that ‘halla gulla’ and ‘shor sharaba’  at every scene, surroundings were dull and the seats were uncomfortable.. Within minutes my baby vomited,  sadly we moved out in between and surrendered ourselves to a healthy sleep back in our hotel ..

The next morning we went to visit famous Ganesh Temple situated adjacent to Birla Temple and then moved towards Amer Fort.. There was traffic and chaos everywhere on that narrow road and we were already late. Neither we got the parking,  nor we could take our vehicle ahead because of the jam.. So we proceeded towards Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh Fort..

Jaigarh Fort
Handling a crying toddler amidst beautiful heritages is not a child’s game 😛 😛


Later on We had gol gappas at a stall near the Jai Mahal Road and also watched Hawa Mahal and city palace from outside as there was steep traffic and we couldn’t found any parking despite of making two loops of the road.. 

As my daughter took her late evening nap, I went out of the hotel with my Mom and rushed towards the famous Johari Bazaar in a hired auto.. I could revive my memories when years ago  I used to roam around Dehradun streets with my Mom walking hand in hand.. Trust me you will like this time and can get awesome things in good bargaining  prices..

We reserved our late evening for a lavish dinner in a famous restaurant. On the Sunday morning as we checked out of the hotel,  we went to see Amer Fort directly and returned back to our nest by the evening .. In-toto inspite of a hush affair, our trip  turned out nice… I will share few handy tips in case you are interested to visit:

  • Stay closer to forts (Regenta Central,  Trident)  or near market or central Jaipur ( Rambagh,  Ramada,  Park Prime, etc) , or if you just want to laze around the resort then also the options are plentiful (Kukas,  Achrol,  Kukas, etc)
  • You can climb up to the Amer Fort on the elephants(~1000) if you reach early or in a hired jeep or even can take your own Car.. But just ensure you can drive effectively on those slant Heights:)
  • If possible do watch Light and sound show in Amer Fort (INR 150-200pp) in the evening(6:30- English show, 7:30- hindi show) and learn about the history in the voice dubbed by none other than Amitabh Bachchan. Did I told you,  you can’t book online!
  • There are camel rides available on Jai Mahal Road, your kids might enjoy this ride.
  • Do hire a guide when you visit Forts without any doubt, if you can spend for Jaipur; you can always pay ~ INR 200 for the necessary knowledge or else keep  roaming around  🙂
  • If you like to taste tea,  go to Tapri.. Be ready to stand in queue though,  want to know the location?? Well Google plz..
  • If you are not able to make to crowded  Johari or other bazaar,  drive towards the Raj Mandir cinema.  Opposite to it is Gulab Chand,  you won’t be disappointed while shopping there .
  • Famous Choki Dhani is far from the main town so if you want to visit there, plan in advance.
  • While you start your return journey to Delhi,  you can visit  Nahargarh Biological Park and spot wildlife..
See her smile, want to explore her own way
Moneky jumping around.. Even these few moments make us believe that the trip was worth investing:)

If you have any further questions you can write to me.. I’m not an expert but who knows if I may prove  helpful to you.. Happy Holidays.. 

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