I Hate To Listen These 6 Things From Other Mommies

As a Mother, I have turned extremely emotional. Little things hurts me and at the same time gives me immense pleasure too. It’s been a splendid journey of 17 months for me and I can relate to everything that I hear about a mother or motherhood but still there are couple of things that I completely disagree and feel like to shun off like I  hate when a Mom judges another, I have collated few for you read and understand that they really offend someone’s heart:

  1. When you Say I have a girl and thus an easy life to handle:  But let me ask you first if you have done research on this matter and submitted your thesis? Whether it’s a girl or boy, both need to be feed, washed, cleaned, pampered, cared, cuddled equally and so on. Both can raise demands, throw tantrums, make execuses and demand your time. Parenting is not about handling a child for initial months but probably for life. So it doesn’t matter how the baby behaves for a months or months. I may be smiling even after being hit by my naughty baby or don’t want to elaborate more on what my daughter does after every 5 minutes!  But probably this statement is the beginning of your gender discrimination.
  2. When you see me and my baby happily playing in the park and you assume I have a fairy tale life. Please give your thoughts a break. As a mother, every mother struggles at her home. She gets tired, frustrated, shouts, cry, wipe her tears on own and move out of the home to get a fresh air, so honestly nobody knows what’s happening inside. So instead of feeling gypped or envy, step our and unwind yourself. God save everybody from that evil’s eye..
  3. When you tag a working mother as ‘over -ambitious’ , ‘ self-centered ‘ and ‘less-affectionate ‘.  If you think so, you don’t know much about love.  Because its such a pure thing to be not judged only in the parameters of time. When a lady steps out of the house, her heart still remains with the small baby left in the hands of others.  You try do it for a day , you won’t be able to! I’m not able to do that hence being a working mother means more strength,  sacrifice and smartness.
  4. When you tag a SAHM (like me) as good for nothing, lazy fatso!  Yes its offensive to compare me with you.  Some prefer to utilize their academics for professional growth,  I’m utilizing it for my motherhood, simple.  And even someone is illiterate or less-educated, we have no right to ping into their lives.
  5. When I don’t follow what, when and how you say to do it.  I have become a Mother for a reason so that I can raise my child my way.  Ok you may be correct too but I  just can’t be a blind copy of yours so stay calm and support me like I have listened to you till now and plz- stop judging me..
  6. When I talk about my parenting diaries and you feel offensive as If I have rebuked you! If I’m still using diapers for my baby; then this is not my shortcoming or your achievement neither its just my comfort or your efforts. These are choices that we made as an individual so at the end everything is OK.

So next time If you say someone” tumhara bachha toh kitna shaant hai, mera dekho“, please understand we all are in this world to deal with our own child and more or less we are all sailing on the same boat.. It’s better to bring our focus back:)

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Today I have started to live a new life. Today I aim to look beyond what's apparent and wish to explore a new world. Today I feel like to dive into an ocean of thoughts. Today I have realized that there was there was never any yesterday for me, its been always today!! My world encircles around my baby, biggy-baby (i.e my hubby) and my thoughts. Whether I'm free or occupied with stuff, I always think, dream about my thoughts, feelings and enjoy when my words gain visibility. I'm not any writer but recently I have fallen in love with writing and since then, this love is gaining momentum with every moment!! You can also read my blogs at : http://www.mycity4kids.com/parenting/droplets-of-thoughts-of-a-mum-wife-woman-and-much-more http://sweetberriesoflife.blogspot.in/

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