Weekend Getaway To Mcleodganj From Delhi With Small Baby

We wanted a weekend long break from so long time and finalized for Mcleodganj. We excluded traditional delhites options of Nainital, Mussorie or Shimla and also peak summers of May-June that attract maximum crowd. We wanted a relaxed and unknown destination to explore and breathe.  So without any wait further, tickets were booked. ( best option is to fly by air to save time and should be done in advance though we failed to do so :(.With a 8 month baby, there is no room for assumption so we packed good woolens for her and we were right. The flight took us ~1.5 hr to reach till Kangra airport and it took another 45 minutes to reach Mecleodganj or even you can stop by at Dharamshala too. Mecleodganj is not a place for luxury but to unwind your thoughts and look beyond. There are varied treks that you can do but you need to find out if its a good idea for you. Like I had pre-decided to trek famous ‘easy-called’ Triund  trek of 6-7 kms however with the baby we couldn’t climb even 100 meters. The path was all rocky trek and there was no space for any risk with her. So here below is the small itinerary of our 48 hours stay there:

  • Sat: We reached around 2:30 PM and took a nap till 4 PM ( very important for the baby). We explored the small town on foot, we walked till our legs allowed and baby on the carrier was comfortable. We found Mcleo restaurant which is situated at the main location as one of the best place to eat and watch sunset. Food was good and prices moderate. This place has been a hop for all cricketers during IPL matches and space is big. We slept early as idea was same- to relax. Most of the hotels in the town give splendid view of hills and snow clad mountains shadowing the lively greenery that our eyes crave in NCR.
  • Sun: We started early morning around 8 and went to a bistro cafe for breakfast. From there we took auto for Galu temple ( around 6 km). We wanted to trek Triund afterwards but dropped. Hence we sat where we were and simply enjoyed the scenic beauty with 2 cups of tea and maggi. We return timely back to our hotel and took some sleep. In the evening around 4 PM, we went to Bhagsunaag temple a place with serene beauty and divine history. There is small waterfall situated on the back side around 700 meters behind the temple where you can trek but instead we decided to walk back to the main point and enjoyed the nature beauty. Really that was worth it and our baby enjoyed the peace and nature walk. We again rested at Mclio and relished our appetite on pasta and pizza while we tried to kept baby busy with her french fries :P. On our way back I did little shopping and bought souvenir for myself.
  • Mon: Our flight was at 12:30 PM. We utilized morning time to visit 150 year old St. John’s Church ( around 2 km away) and then a small Dal Lake and Neddy’s point ( 4 and 5 km away respectively). We had breakfast at Neddy’s point at 10 and it’s the highest point of Mcleodganj. We wanted to trek a little but heavy rain left us with no choice however those majestic raindrops added beauty to that small town. We reached airport around 11 am from then.

If planned then even a small trip can full your lungs with fresh vibes of beautiful town and you don’t need to plan high. Indeed we left many points ( highest cricket ground, Dalai Lama monastery, paragliding, etc) but what we earned are few golden moments with our little moppet. And trust me excluding flights or train tickets, you can save as much as you can. You can even board train till jalandhar and from there it’s just 4-5 hour mesmerizing journey. idea here is not to promote any location but to promote a unusual days with your lovely ones. Just remember both summer and woollen stuff for the baby and her essential medicines.


P.S. If you have a school going kid, please don’t miss Triund Trek 😦 😦

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