Those 6 ‘Hawww’ things I do now as a Mommy

“Beta sing the song that you learned recently from your Aunty na”. Each time someone visit their place, they make them listen to those childish songs and dance.. Why do they behave in such way? When I will become a Mother; I will make sure not to do such insane things

1.Well I do such insane things now that I have become a mother. Yes, with not everyone but it’s a delighted feeling to let your small baby display her minor performances and to make her feel confident in front of that tiny gathering at home. ‘Baby show your tongue, cheeks, nosy, and eyes to Aunty‘ Yeyyy,  clap, clap, clap. . .

Why babies cry in the shopping mall, I mean is it necessary to bring them along? Can’t the parents let them just stay at home and engage them in some other useful stuff. . See how these children cry and insist to buy unwanted things. I will never take my child for shopping. 

2.What to do every weekend when we don’t have enough parks or outdoor recreational facilities.  And then there is summer,  harsh winter and rain! Hmmm,  let’s go to the mall and spend some time.  Baby can also enjoy, I will do some shopping too. . . 

Yes,  we often go to the mall or shopping markets for an evening stroll. It’s not possible to pack the bags for outstation trip on every weekend  . And children just can’t be confined within four walls. . So no matter how much patience you exhibit as a parents,  your child will make you go crazy , accept it! !

I have seen her children always watching the TV,  even during their meals. Probably she should have taken care of such things before and raised her babies without TV,  now it’s their habit that they won’t eat without TV!!’

3.Who wants her children to watch TV? I know nobody but all alone at home ,it becomes tough to make the child  sit on a highchair and eat. . I tried everything but my child won’t open her mouth. I sang songs,  made funny faces,  tried varied recipes but all failed. At last I switched on the TV with songs playing on the screen and she ate a bite when I gave up my ‘No-TV resolution’ And it’s just not about food, you get screwed up sometimes with that ‘Mommy things’  happening 24×7 and you need a break ; switch on TV, let me speak to my Mom!

Yesterday I went to watch my favorite movie but a crying baby totally spoiled my fun; I wasn’t able to see it peacefully. Is it necessary to bring along such small kids? If these parents won’t watch movies for 4-5 years ,  they will not miss their entire life’s fun rather than disturbing others ! 

4.It’s been 2 weeks of my favorite movie release and I couldn’t resist more. We ensured our child went off sleep asap in that late night show,  yup she cried a little but soon she settled down herself to sleep. I didn’t bothered what others judged about me,  I want my life too. If my baby cries in between any show, then as a mother I get distracted most  but I ensure her mood and the timing is right for such excursions. Being parents doesn’t mean to opt for any exile but about learning to accept a responsible life. . 

Relatives visiting your place is good but why the ones with babies are so clustered up? I mean there are shoes, socks,  their toys all around. I know children split food but why they take 2 hours to finish a parantha,  I don’t understand.  They will keep on munching, running , crying, wobbling inside the house and won’t settle down even for 2 mins. And to suffice, they mostly fall ill to enhance troubles. I believe parents should rather stay at home instead of going for such horrendous visits

5. “Bacche shaitaani nahi karenge toh kaun karega? Khelne do unko, kar denge safai baad mein”. . I want my baby to socialize and enjoy with her cousins and elders in the family hence it’s very important to meet regularly. Children often learn to share and develop good habits with others no matter how messy the house becomes thereafter . As a mother I have learned to settle my place ten times in a day so all ok for me to do the same at other places too. .

Look at her, she is so ‘mast’ in her own things; who will look after the baby ? Last time I saw her baby sitting over the mud while  she was chatting with her friend blatantly. .Some mommies will continue to look for clothes in the mall and let their babies cry. Same thing happens in their home. Dhyan rakhna chahyiye na. . . 

 6.Yup, it’s important to look after the baby but why a mom is responsible always?  Babies are babies so they will definitely mug up their mischiefs and will do annoying things. You can’t stop everytime they put their hands on the mud, let them learn on own a little but watch them indeed. They might fall and cry but it’s natural as this is how we all are grown up. Similarly they learn to adjust with outer surroundings, you don’t cancel doctor’s appointment because you know your baby will cry and shout there.

P.S. As a mother I have learnt the real essence of life. It’s not about nagging but accepting your life’s situations and aptly dealing with it.  It’s not about highlighting other’s shortcomings but about developing strengths in your own self. It’s not about waiting for that perfect moment but nurturing every single moment passing with your baby and making it memorable.  It’s not about binding things but to set it all free. 

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