Top Trend To Be A Smart Mom In 2017

Ye ajkal ke bache, bilkul hi alag hai‘, I have heard this phrase at least thousand times. Often I too agree to it, maybe I’m fallible but like I too crib about how my daughter doesn’t eat anything and I have to run after her the entire day. Or how it has become a horrendous task to bathe or make her sleep at night! But at the end I’m the Mom and she is my daughter so I can’t fail so easily. Apart from my regular new year resolutions I have some serious Mom-goals to keep my baby more happy, nourished and healthy. And this is also the time to do new things with power-packed essentials to cater to this new generation.

And Johnson & Johnson is such a big boon to Mothers like me. They regularly introduce progressive products to cater to the baby’s changing needs. Have you tried their new milky range of Baby lotion and bathe? It actually feels like milk is flowing out the bottle!  While I use these products, they have a soothing power and my baby stays calm while I apply it to her.  It may feel awkward but the color and design of these bottles actually fascinates my child.  She kind of loves to hold them while I use them gently over her skin. And that makes my task easy). We guys know it’s so chilly these days and making a baby take a bath requires good convincing skills. And at the same time, the bath gel or bar you use must possess zero irritability.  That’s where the J&J milky bath helps you and fills the bathroom with such a sweet aroma that the baby tends to go calm and rather enjoys her fun-bath time. In short, one milestone achieved for the day. . .

When It comes to our baby, we never skip any chance to provide them with the best especially in these budding years of their life. When it comes to using any product be it skin care, healthy food, we always choose the best. Something that’s proven yearly and can be trusted. When I recall my childhood days or children growing in my family, I clearly remember the dressing table always had a shelf full of J&J products be it their lotion, shampoo, cream or soap. I have often used their powder and lotion even when I turned a teenager (of course due to that softness and aroma!) And it’s a 120 year old company, see how far they have come with all the generations. One of the prime reasons are their continued innovations and some of the most rigorous product testing and safety and quality standards for developing the best baby products around the world. That’s the reason I rely on it and when it’s clinically proven that their new range bath time and massage, (two key rituals that help engage  baby’s sense of smell and touch) also strengthens mother’s bond and prepare her for a good night’s sleep, then I don’t have any excuse to not use them 🙂

I understand that our new gen babies are not too demanding, actually their needs are different.  We can’t continue to apply the age-old garlic dipped mustard oil over their gentle skin affected by the growing pollution and urbane lifestyle. Babies today are very expressive and the reason why they don’t like a bathe can’t be just water phobia or their mood. Probably we fail to provide them a gentle touch through the baby wash we traditionally use for them. Every product we use for them has to be gentle and easy on their skin. If we are able to accomplish things in the right way, baby also supports back. And without a doubt, Johnson and Johnson has been my first choice.  So this new year, try to alter your preferences. See the change and you will feel the difference 🙂 #JohnsonandJohnson #J&J

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