Dandruff, Dullness, Dryness – How To Shield Baby This Winter Frm These 3D’s

Finally Winters are here and though weather is changing rapidly, it’s difficult to figure out the right care for the baby. Sometime we cover them so much or often too many layers fuss the baby and cause irritation. For the new parents, baby’s first winter cause even more panic and creates confusion. Last winters were harsh for us too, we noticed heavy formation of flakes and red patches over the baby’s head, neck area and even the shoulders. We weren’t sure what exactly it was and one of the doctor suggested that was Measles; well that was actually ‘Cradle Cap’!! My baby was 4 months old then. So if your mind is too boggling with the same issues and worries, I have few tips to share with you listed down with my own experiences:

  • Use plenty of baby lotion and oil throughout the Winters: Remember the dryness our body gets in winter and a good moisturizer is only help similarly baby’s skin being at least 4 times sensitive than ours mandatorily requires a good nourishment. Do regular massage with good baby lotion, oil or cream (whatever suits your baby’s skin). Ensure what base you use should be delicate for the new skin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrXwiCNPpVA)
  •  At least 4 Bath in a week: Don’t skip 2 days in a row to wash the baby. We hesitate to undress the baby often in cold but a nice-lukewarm bath actually refreshes the baby and wipe out the dullness. You can easily notice the difference in her sleep that day she gets her bath. Make it a quick affair though and if possible shower her only in nights.
  •  Don’t let the oil sit on your baby’s head for days: We generally have tendency to put oil on baby’s head all the time but this tradition didn’t worked for my baby, albeit irritated her skin and caused Cradle Cap. Instead keep it maximum for a day followed by a proper head wash and use only a mild-shampoo for her hairs.
  •  Change clothes everyday: Yes, that takes less than 5 minutes of yours. Warm the room, close the doors and keep the essentials handy with you. Engage your baby in lullabies and quickly change the clothes. First vest, cotton warmers, tshirt and sweater- this is what I do 🙂 And don’t let the baby sleep in thick-woolens, imagine yourself in place of her!
  •  Give Time between Nappy Change: It’s laborious task for mothers to wash cloth nappies, sheets and blankets these times and we prefer to use Diapers instead. Well I too do the same and use 3-4 diapers in a day (used 7-8 diapers per day last year). But give it a pause every time you change so that the baby’s skin gets some time to relax. We complain a lot about diaper rashes and scars but it’s never wiser to not dry that sensitive place. Leave the area open for few minutes and before you place a new diaper, just gently massage a good moisturizer or lotion.
  •  Don’t stop them: They will play in park, rub their shoes and socks over mud, touch everything upside down and mingle up with other children who are equally dipped in mud with running nose. How can you stop them, do you think you can?? Well caging them is not an idea but shielding their skin is what we can do. Always carry wet tissues while you are travelling or moving around. Even you can’t even refrain closed ones to carry your baby in their arms. But I used a simple formula till my baby turned 6 months old, “use a sanitizer first”. I didn’t bother about what others thought!


Your children are your most precious gems. “Anything and everything” is not for them because every baby is unique. I too hear ‘n’ no of theories and instructions but I do what I think is genuinely right for her. People do judge me but I know I’m doing my job well.

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