Is your Man a Great Daddy?

I recently went to a mother’s talk show where everyone praised about their husbands and the support they receive in managing baby’s daily chores. They help Mommies in diaper change, feeding, sleeping and actively engage themselves in all the concerns, and even lie awake the whole night with the baby so that the Mommies can take rest! And trust me every mother had a positive story to share and it kind of turned like a healthy comparison amongst all the mothers. I also felt ‘wow’ and realized that I’m not the only one who has such a nice partner. But then I read surveys like one conducted by Nielsen, in association with Pampers that implies 88% Indian Dads believe that Baby Chores are primarily a Mom’s job!! So that means not every Mother is blessed to have her husband’s support. So we’re still lagging behind and an ideal situation is far beyond reality for many women. Have you ever thought how to help such mothers and tricks to wake up their husbands and push them in portraying their true identity as a father??

Well difficult but not impossible!!! Maybe we can persuade by making them a little jealous. Or by organizing a Father’s talk events the next time and inviting such lazy people to participate and share their stories or confessions about what they really do for the baby apart from earning money for them.

Let’s ask them if they have ever enjoyed changing the baby’s diaper in the middle of flight, train, movie,  live-show or while boating in the some serene backwaters or if they have been just a mute spectator all the time? Do they ever try to offer meals to the baby or they just prefer to relish their food and gulp it down without feeling any burp? Have they ever been a tickle monster to the babies and watch while they laugh and giggles? Have they enjoyed the baby bath time and in those moments watched the baby’s mesmerizing dew-dipped eyes? Have they ever put the baby in their arms and swung them a little to provide a comfy and cozy setting to the child and help him to sleep or they just prefer to roll up their sleeves and walk away??

Well there are such people who don’t want to carry such burden of parenting but still want to be labeled as a loving father, but let me tell you it’s not a cumbersome job anymore,  at least not similar to what you do in your boring office. Baby care requires a little willingness,  rest everything follows and that doesn’t pain but is a rewarding experience!

Things are not as tough or scary as the fathers imagine.  Try to change your baby’s diaper just once and you will understand,  it’s just a minute affair like- in and out! These days Parents are already equipped with every baby gear that they could ever imagine! The little cuties love to imitate their fathers and if the father is absent, whom will they follow? How they will share their stuff with the Dads and seek their expert guidance if they will not mingle up with the baby now? Of course, the Dad may not want the baby to be completely like Mummy 🙂 .

Earning money is important but you can’t just shy away from those memories that won’t come back in your life again! We also have a simple household with daily routines. My husband too goes to office, works hard, stretches working hours sometimes and stresses himself too but the moment he comes home and holds our baby, his life is beautiful and I can see it in his smile! Length of the time is not important but the value of nurture is what matters most.I can so relate it to a beautiful piece that I read somewhere” Any Man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a Dad.”

I recently saw this video and was reminded of so many moments when my baby blindly followed her dad

What really make our lives vibrant are these cute babbles and the way they transform it. And if the fathers are still feeling sleepy then let’s create more such videos and initiate more such movements and help they realize what they are missing out on!  It’s time to wake up guys, remember #ittakes2 to raise a happy and developed child!

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