You are Parents, how can you Romance??

After marriage, Bachelor life is finished.. After Children, Romance life is finished. Before you read it further, just close your eyes and recall your own childhood memories and you will understand what I want to further convey.. How many of you have really witnessed romantic angle of your parents ? Well I envy those who have actually seen it!!! Take this way, we practically adore married or non-married couple holding their hands or hugging each other in public, but if there comes a  baby with in the picture with any couple,  then our eyebrows get automatically raised-up with grimace at such PDAs. ” Don’t they feel ashamed at their act? They are Parents now, they should have some sense and should show maturity “! That means if you have a baby,  then you must confine your love within boundaries. . . 

Why, is it ‘THE-END’ of their romance??

Yesterday I took my daughter to the play area as part of our daily routine, an acquainted mother of a year old boy told me how her MIL is pressurizing her to come and stay with them so that they can spend some time with the child. She was told not to worry about husband as he ‘can’ manage his stuff.  I wasn’t surprised to hear this because many women around me are actually guided to stay with the in-laws for the proper care of baby and let the husbands unwind some breathe without being stuck in the baby’s tricky chores!! And this is just the Intermittent part of the story. As the suitable time will come to borne the second child, such women are advised completely to stay with the family and not with their better-halfs ( lucky are those whose family stay together in those cases:) Our loved ones assume on own what as a couple we will get staying together in those months that will not furnish any purpose !

Even your friends or your relatives sometimes start intriguing in your personal lives as if you don’t need your ‘we-time’ anymore. They will not think twice to join you during odd-hours when you actually must be planning to spend some time together. It’s perceived that once you have a baby,  it’s your moral duty just to look after him and not also to your beautiful marriage. And slowly we pertain those things as true, life becomes monotonous with husband earning money and wife taking care of the baby . Weekends become outing fiesta for family and after the Sunday nday night, that weekly romance gets exhausted and shrink till the next weekend arrives. With passage of time,  Parents learned to surpess their feelings for each other and shy away from their children,  family and society and wait for a ‘lone,  secretive moment’ that rarely comes.  And gradually not just that touch but the entire romance gets over. . .

We as a human being live in a web of misconceptions. We perceive things only as the way we think is right . Marriage and forsake Parenting is not an end to a lovely relationship between two people, it’s a life-long commitment of staying together, happily. The society where we live in has faintly categorized how a person should behave in different intervals of life but romance is such a beautiful thing, that it can fit anywhere! And those who think that Romance is just Sex, should better do some more research!! So next time, if somebody thinks that since you have conceived so for the next 9 or more months, your closeness to the husband is not desirable then prove them wrong!

Love suits every age and never wait for any perfect moment . What we all have is this very moment that’s quickly passing by.  There is never any delay to make your expression of love and your children will not mock you. Watching Social media and TV might have adverse effects on your child’s growth but witnessing Parents giving hug to one another will only enhance and boost their trust towards love for the family. Parenting undoubtedly makes a human responsible but that doesn’t imply to forget what and how you love someone.

And trust me there is no age or limitation to express your affection,  tenderness and togetherness. Age matures but love remains same always . .

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Today I have started to live a new life. Today I aim to look beyond what's apparent and wish to explore a new world. Today I feel like to dive into an ocean of thoughts. Today I have realized that there was there was never any yesterday for me, its been always today!! My world encircles around my baby, biggy-baby (i.e my hubby) and my thoughts. Whether I'm free or occupied with stuff, I always think, dream about my thoughts, feelings and enjoy when my words gain visibility. I'm not any writer but recently I have fallen in love with writing and since then, this love is gaining momentum with every moment!! You can also read my blogs at :

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